Common Sense, part 1

  • ((these pamphlets are found strewn about the city in local taverns and shops, as well as on the bulletin boards. Most shop keepers and store owners that have a stack of documents claim to have not even read the words written on them, citing the coin offering for their placement as their reasons for compliance))

    //The intro above was cleared by the DM team

    With the demise of Lord Malcolm Hardcastle, the shining city of Northern Cormyr, Arabel, stands to face its greatest economic downturn since the fall of the Primordial. The signs have already begun to show themselves faster then even predicted thanks to the faulty leadership of the warden of the North, Lord Myrmeen Lhal.

    While there is no denying her ability as an adventurer and a hero, the city has suffered great tragedy as a result of both her previous stints in control of this great city. And as the city once again begins to fall into despair, the lord seems either unwilling or incapable of steering us clear of the abyss. But fear not friends, House Tammarast has a series of proposals that will pull us back from the edge, and save the city and its people. And you have a role to play as well, by telling your esteemed warden that the lord should take heed of the propositions put forth to make Arabel thrive once again.

    First on the list, House Tammarast is calling for an end to all non human immigration to the city. Simply put, the original citizens of the city can not be expected to prosper in a city that allows new comers in to take their jobs and business opportunities from underneath them, nor should the humans feel as if they are second class citizens. Elves have the advantage of long lives, numbering in generations of humans when added up in totality, and can monopolize a business for hundreds of years. Dwarves take wealth from our city and bring it back to their kingdom, doing nothing for the humans of arabel in return, and halflings often find themselves on the wrong side of the law which is always damaging to a healthy civilization.

    This is not personal toward the members of the mentioned races, nor is it said out of hate. It is simply common sense. This is a human city, and humans should prosper in it. Elves, dwarves, and halflings, they have their own civilizations. Also, this proposed immigration stay will not effect those of the other races that already live here. You are citizens of Arabel, and therefore deserve all the rights that affords in the enlightened nation of Cormyr. While I fully expect some of you to see this in the wrong light, if you think about it, this serves your interests a well. Arabelleans first, until the time comes that the pie is big enough to share with new arrivals.

    As for Half Orcs and other Monstrous races, I will cover them and the safety concerns of Arabel in my second essay, common sense part 2. Expect it to turn up in a few days.

    Horace Belthlore,
    House Tammarast

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