An announcement on lizardfolk extermination

  • [These posters are prominently placed everywhere in Arabel, but especially near the Spire and any prominent inns.]

    Announcement from the House of Paertrover
    On the culling of lizardfolk having taken residence upon the lands of the House

    House Paertrover has long been opposed to the continued presence of lizardfolk tribes upon the lands of the House. Following the transformation of said lands into a swamp the beasts have bred there and made disorder where before there was order.

    On the command of Lord Abelard Paertrover, we commence the Lizardfolk Culling Campaign.

    The Bannermen and Retainers of House Paertrover commit themselves to the extermination of this menace. Said cleansing is to be clearly marked with a pennant bearing the colours of the House Paertrover, so that all might see where disorder was reigned in.

    Coin will be offered to adventurers and mercenaries willing to offer aid, and mercenary companies will be contacted and placed under contract in pursuit of this goal. A total of three hundred coins will be paid to each volunteer for each expedition embarked upon. Likewise, any treasure shall be shared equally among the adventurers and mercenaries who come to the assistance of the House.

    Look to the calls for action from Retainer Aubrey Tallpike in the coming days.

    Sharpen your swords and ready your bows, both will soon taste scale.

    Correspondence regarding the Lizardfolk Culling Campaign is to be addressed to Retainer Aubrey Tallpike within the Eveningstar.

    By the hand of Retainer Aubrey Tallpike
    On behalf of the Lord Abelard Paertrover

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