Mental, Spiritual, and Physical Healing!

  • Hello folks, my name is Jim and I am new to this city. I offer my services as a healer for those who need it. So if you need my skills feel free to make a sending for me. I also offer consultation for those who are suffering mentally and spiritually. If you need a friend then come talk to me.

    Finding Inner Peace
    Do your best, but remember that the only person you need to be better than is the person who you were the day before. Strive for personal excellence, but do not over burden yourself with too much. Basically take on what you can handle and take the time to enjoy life. Don't let people's expectations of you burden or rent space in your mind. Meet your own expectations and be proud of it. Don't deny your true self and who you really want to be. Trying to be someone else can create conflict inside you, and cause a great amount of stress.

    We all have to die sooner or later, no person or anything truly lasts for all time. Find a way to cope with this, for me I have found the promise of an end to bring relief. The more a person collects in life, the more they have to lose. Don't become too attached to material possessions. More than likely you won't be able to take anything with you when you die anyways.

    Don't let the lack of attention or lack of love from other people bother you. Not everyone has the capacity or capability to interact with us to the degree we want. Everyone experiences life differently, and some people are dealing with more stress than others. Don't be surprised when someone shrugs you off as unimportant either, some people have not realized that people are like the appendages of the body. In a society, every person is needed for it to function properly, even the lowest peasant. If you cut off an appendage then you are at a disadvantage. So appreciate every person, because everyone is important in some way.

    Even those perceived as evil have their place, sometimes death even has a place. We like to think that our ways are perfect and that having lots of us present is a good thing. I believe that evil actions are a balancing factor for when a population grows out of control. Good has a place in making sure evil doesn't go to far. This is a complicated concept, because we are built to believe otherwise. There are times that the pack suffers because there are too many in it, such as when there is not enough prey to feast upon. Humanity suffers from a lot of the same things the animal kingdom suffers from. We pride ourselves on being different from the beasts, but in reality we are not so different and should strive to coexist with each other.

    Love each other and treat each other with empathy, for it may even prevent someone from falling into a path of evil. Use violence as a last resort, for actions are head to reverse sometimes, and sometimes you can't take them back or make amends for them. Again, my name is Jim, if you desire my opinions or help, then seek me out.

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