The Trials of Battle

  • Warriors of Arabel

    In the wake of our victory against Clar Banda, Tempus smiles upon you, no matter your race.

    The Lord of All War has seen fit to give blessing upon you,and has decreed that the first of a series of tournaments will take place in the Old Town arena tomorrow.

    Each event has a prize of 500 coins which will be taken by the victor.

    The first event will be a competition with mundane weapons without armour or shields, however a weapon must be wielded.

    The second event, a competition where heavy armour and a shield are both compulsory.

    Spells are not permitted in either competition.

    There is no need to announce your intention to participate, simply approach the arena when the sending is made carrying the mundane weapon of your choice.

    Herodes of Tempus

    //looking to run this around 7pm tomorrow UK time.

  • //rescheduled to Monday the 6th same time and place!

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