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    **Wish to set your mark on Cormyrs newest village!


    The CROWN OF CORMYR welcome any and all, both common man and noble house alike, who have an interest in seeing the old Haven restored.

    • As Clar Banda has forsaken her claim on the lands, there is room for new faiths to rise to service the new halmet of Easthaven.

    • The Hullack Forest offers many opportunities for the creative mind. Hunting lodges, Logger Camps, Herbal gardens and more.

    • Easthaven was once the cornerstone of Cormyrs eastern trade. With access to water, and with caravan routes to Moonsea and Thunderpeaks, trade for the talented can flow once more.

    • The Village needs a Lord, or a Mayor to lead the way forward. Take a position of leadership, and earn the Kings favor.

    • While the nobility seek the favor of the King for the position of lord, there is land that must be resettled. Tired of Old Town, or of the dirtied streets of Arabel? Make your desires known, and be the first to help settle Easthaven.

    Contact Royal Scout Bleucroft at the soon to be Easthaven Garrison.

    Your Country Needs You!

    When the Village has been restored, will you be able to say "I fought for to make a difference!"?**

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