Moonsea Ride and Eastway Graveyard

  • Didn't the Moonsea Ride use to run from East Way Village, with the East Way Cemetary to the east of the road, then up to Castle Crag, then Tilverton?

  • Pretty sure Castle Crag was always off of the Marliir's march road, but if I remember correctly, there used to be two roads, one went up from East Way to the Cemetary, and the other went towards the Moonsea ride… hard to remember for certain.

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    Didn't the Moonsea Ride use to run from East Way Village, with the East Way Cemetary to the east of the road, then up to Castle Crag, then Tilverton?

    This is correct except for Castle Crag, Castle Crag was, until the fall of the Primordial, located to the east of Marliir's March. However, the road which went from Marliir's March to Castle Crag gave an incorrect idea of the location of the castle.

  • Thune, your confusion stems from CoA going off Canon, in regards to the location of Castle Crag.
    In our CoA version, the Moonsea ride, went to Tilverton and beyond, but never at Castle Crag. The Moonsea ride started from the East Way Cemetary, and ran all the way to, when you could travel the furthest, to Zhentil Keep (GET THAT AREA BACK IG GMORK, IT WAS MAGNIFICENT!).
    Marliirs March, which for the life of me I cannot remember the name of before it was renamed, was the path that lead from Arabel, through the Stormhorn Mountains to the desert.

    In Canon Material, Marliirs March does not exist. Canon wise, Arabel rests on the crossroad of four major roads.

    • The High Road, which travels westward, through Eveningstar, all the way through the western heartlands, to the Sword Coast.

    • The East Way, which travels through the Hullack and Thunderpeaks towards Sembia.

    • The Moonsea Ride, which travels towards The Moonsea, and the cities that lay there, and

    • Calantars way, which travels to Suzail.

    Castle Crag, in accordance to Canon, should be placed just east of the Moonsea ride. However, in V4, when it was first introduced, we placed it on Marliirs March, and in V5, it has gotten its location mixed in with Acheron Temple, which is the canon Banite Temple in the Helmlands, only non secret "EVIL" temple in Cormyr. If it had been placed in its "proper" place, it would feel like it was placed in the Hullack Forest.

  • Winding path was sacred to Akadi, according to in game lore. It used to be just north of the east way road, and would lead up into forested areas with the nymph before eventually turning right o to the moonsea ride.

    Is my recollection correct?

  • Nope. The Eastern wilderness, were 2/3 areas, between the Northern road, and the Moonsea ride. The winding Path, lead from east way road to the Eastern wilderness, and had the side path to the Red Glade.

  • Red glade was the old name for redwoods?

  • The red glade was the old Druids grove it had an entrance on the winding path.

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    Red Glade isn't the same as Redwood

  • Where is the winding path now IG?

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    Overgrown aka non-existent currently, but I would assume it would be located somewhere between Arabel, Hillmarch and Redwood

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