Lord Culspirr of Immersea

  • Runners are sent to the various libraries, seeking information on Lord Culspiir of Immersea, and anyone named Culspiir. They seek for any history of the house, and the relationships they may have.

  • Admin [DM]

    The runners would discover that Lord Julian Culspiir is the son of Geldroon Culspiir the late herald of late Lord Sudacar, Lord Sudacar was the last Lord of Immersea. Both men and their wives were hung by the Pirate Council in 1378 DR, Julian Culspiir returned to Immersea after the death of the Eclestian Order during the clearing of the demonic forces there in 1382 DR. Julian Culspiir worked as a humble merchant in the village until the rise of Wyvernwater, when Immersea went from a shore village to an island settlement cut off from mainland Cormyr in 1383 DR. After Immersea became an isolated island, Julian Culspiir wealth's grew rapidly thanks to his early trade deals with the late Lord Malcom Hardcastle. Julian Culspiir was Lorded by the King in 1385DR, since then Lord Julian Culspiir has been the wealthiest merchant Lord of Immersea. House Culspiir has several trading deals with all major Cormyrian cities and villages located by Wyvernwater, with many fine merchant ships to their name.

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