Recruitment: House Tammarast

  • Greetings,

    My sojourn from golden fields of wheat and cattle brought me to this city of legends and stories. My liege, the Noble Lord Ingleiyr Tammarast, hereby issues a call of goodly human citizens of Cormyr to join his House in returning Arabel to the roots of its greatness. A thriving community of man whose industry and labor made it the Caravan city of the North, where all roads led to her hallowed stone walls. Let it be known that the values of industry and self-reliance are the cornerstones of our House, and while the wealth of a nation may not flow from our treasury, the produce of men and women dedicated to their craft does.

    Come hither to the House of Hounds and the Home of the Hunt, and pledge your fidelity and leal service to the callous hands of my Lord.

    -Derick Hammalson
    Retainer of House Tammarast

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