The call of the Triumvirate

  • placed within the spire, Old Town, and the market in North Arabel

    The Church of the Triumvirate stands, protectors of Arabel, conquerors of its enemies

    In the coming days, a force of undead monsters will assault these walls, the Triumvirate will stand and battle these things, and the villainous cowards who created them.

    Tempus teaches us though, that a war cannot be won by defence alone, to vanquish this foe entirely, their strongholds will be assaulted, razed to the ground, and their bones ground to dust beneath our feet.

    The Church of the Triumvirate seeks wandering blades, those who would become masters of the art of war, and battle, those seeking the glory of victory, and in return offers the following.

    Brotherhood, you will be trained by, and fight alongside the bravest and most able warriors in the lands.
    Hospitality, you will be given barracks to rest your head between battles, and storage so you do not carry all of your belongings on your back.
    Glory, you will drink endless mead from the hollowed skulls of your enemies, while their widows weep.

    Seek out Herodes of Tempus, if you wish to join in the glory of battle.

  • I Herodes of Tempus would speak with any priests of the Hin, or Dwarven, Gods.

    In the silence the Gods of the Orcs, Giants, Kobolds, and similar beasts wage war upon your own.

    War is Tempus' domain, and the slaughter of these creatures should be planned, directed and enjoyed, with a fruitful alliance between Humans, Hin, and Dwarves.

    Seek me out if you wish these creatures eviscerated.

    Herodes of Tempus

  • A grand expedition into the unknown is to take place.

    The Church of The Triumvirate requires those allied with the cause of Tempus, Tyche, and Eldath to make their support known.

    The expedition will be conducted in several stages over the next tenday and the following are required.

    Brave warriors whether experienced or not.
    Scholars and mages with knowledge of the ruins beneath Arabel.

    Contact Herodes of Tempus should you wish to know more.

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