Griam Bestien and Minda Wayne's Compendium of Gems

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    this was so good that i had to have a copy! A lasting work even now.

    Griam Bestien's Compendium of gems - Second Edition with revisions.

    The Purpose of this book is to demystify gems for the layman or gem enchanter, and make their uses more readily understood to a wider population. (those that can read and afford my book anyway)

    On Gems and Portals

    Many adventurers know of the portals and their toll for travel. Now I shan't discuss the activation words required for such portals, that is something for another book. Rather this chapter will discuss the tolls required for use. The chaos of the portals magics need no longer fill a gnome with dread.

    How does it know which gem you wish to use and which you want to keep? What about my box of gems? Will it take the one in my hand or the one in my gem boxes? Can you structure your gem boxes so your most precious are warded? Do the different portals require different tolls? What rarity of gem is required?

    Placement on the Body

    Will the portals take the gems in your hands or the ones in your pockets? Tucked in your boot? Set in your rings? Tucked in your hat? Set in your earrings? Sewn into the hem of your clothes? Set in your teeth? Swallowed?

    Structure of the Boxes

    Pondering crystals make up I thought about their oft-times orderly structure. I keep my wondrous gems in my boxes. Can an orderly arrangement of your gem boxes allow you to channel the coursing of portals magic and prepare sacrificial gems? Griam Bestien and Commander Belaern conducted experiments at the cost of many brave gems and these are the findings.

    Sacrificed: Adventurine, Star Rose Quartz and One Eye Ruby

    My experiments on placements show the portals energies surge in a diagonal course across the body. Think of a compass where North is your head on the vertical. And in the manner of the box, North is the middle, of the hinge side, of the box on the horizontal. The coursing magics of the portals flow in relation to this alignment of North West to South East. This is as simple as I can put it.

    Adventurine the first circle gem, seems to be favoured over the lesser valued gem of Star Rose Quartz, though on their own, Star Rose Quartz is worthy before the third circle gem One Eye Heart. Finding is: Adventurine should be used to safeguard your gems! Place them on the surge lines 'north west and south east' and check ALL your gem boxes right before you travel.

    On Gems and Enchanting

    Notice I referred to adventurine as a first circle gem? This is due to some gems being more receptive than others to hold spells of greater power. On experimentation Minda Wayne and I have classified gems into classes of which circle of spell they may hold. Simply put, a first circle gem may hold a first circle spell and no higher.

    These are the listing as follows of gems Minda and I have evaluated and experimented with. I have included pearls even though they are not dug from the earth, they can yet hold spells.

    First Circle Gems: Adventurine, Andar, Bloodstone, Blue Flourspar, Carnelian, Chalcedony, Chrysoprase, Citrine, Hydrophane, Iol, Iolite, Irtios, Jasper, Moonstone, Pink Tourmaline, Red-Brown Spinel, Silver Pearl, Tchazar, White Tourmaline, Zircon

    Second Circle Gems: Amber, Alexandrite, Angelar's Skin, Brown-Green Garnet, Coral, Garnet, Jade, Jet, , Red Garnet, Red Spinel, Silver Pearl Tourmaline, Zocchihedron Garnet

    Some smaller carat diamonds can hold a second circle spell.

    Third Circle Gems: One Eye Heart (flawed rubies), Large Diamond

    Greater Gemstones: Aquamarine, Black Opal, Black Pearl, Blue Diamond, Blue Star Sapphire, Deep Blue Spinel, Emerald, Ruby, Fire Opal, Tomb Jade, Topaz

    Gems and Stones for Appreciation: Azurite, Banded Agate, Blue Amethyst, Blue Quartz, Crown of Silver, Eye Agate, Fire Agate, Freshwater Pearl, Greenstone, Hematite, Hyaline, Ivory, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Moss Agate, Nelvine, Obsidian, Onyx, Orprase, Peridot, Purple Phenalope, Purple Amethyst, Red Phenalope, Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz, Quartz, Sanidine, Sard, Sardonyx, Smoky Quartz, Spodumene, Star Rose Quartz, Tiger Eye Agate, Violine, Yellow Flourspar

    Some of these seem to have other magical properties, altering the application of spells.

    Spell Focus, Spell Scatter

    There are spells concentrated and amplified by the power of gems, and those that are weakened. I liken it to when light strikes a clear gem, it may throw rainbows in many directions, or create a single blast of focused, white hot light. Here I have a small selection of weakened spells and those amplified.

    Weakened: Endurance, Mestils Acid Breath
    Strong: Rothes Strength, Drow Grace, Blur, Magic Missile, Flame Arrow, Invisibility

    One final point, the adventurine sold by Nebrililmars Magic are not sufficient carat to hold a spell. Though possessive of the required properties to travel the portals they cannnot hold a first circle enchantment.

    Contributors I would like to thank are Minda Wayne, gem enchantress of the Mages Guild; Temon Oak, proprietor of Temon's Emporium; Commander Belaern of New Kilgrave, brave portal traveler to dangerous locations; Bidoc Jangefen, fine gnomish jeweler of East Arabel; and Jennie Friar, gem enchantress.

    As Callarduran Smoothhands teaches his gnomes, "Appreciate the beauty of gems and celebrate their use in magics." I take this teaching to heart.

    Defend your gems. - Griam Bestien

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