The Dread Herald's Challenge

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    Ye Who Would Disturb The Dead Shall Pay For Thy Sacrilege

    Ye wicked souls who dost dare walk amongst the resting dead shall face their united wrath in coming days. Three days hence shall the Dread Queen's Legion from the Cradle of her Ascension March Hence Upon Arabel to Demand the Perpetrators of Sacrilege to our waiting Maws to feed the decaying Gut of our curse.

    The Olde Town shall suffer the wrath of the dead.

    The Walls of the North shall shatter upon our tide.

    The Citadel shall crumble with decay and rot and be cursed as such.

    Lest thy answer our challenge upon the third day from the challenge now posted. Thy heroes shall meet in Holy Battle and Tempus shall decide the victor in the Town of Easthaven. Let the Spirit of Castiel Judge the Worthiness of her New Heroes.

    We shall broker upon this deed a promise and a threat- that if the town falls before our Dread Forces and cannot be reclaimed, shall Easthaven rise as a site of Pilgrimage to the Dread Queen, unshakable and unviolated. Should our power be broken and shattered, shall you be permitted to reclaim the ruins and build upon them once more without the threat of the Dead.

    Come, Ye Foolish Heroes, and Join the Legion of the Walking Dead, And Enter Into Her Service as the Dread Knights of the Black Rose

    THE HIEROPHAUNT ... sive&csz=1

  • Admin [DM]

    The terms and challence are accepted.


  • Admin [DM]

    //OOC, for certain parties (you will be informed if you are among them) this is a Perma Death event.

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