The New Houses of Arabel

  • *These appear mostly in Northgate and Old Town where the Militia no longer patrol. Copies also show up at the Shrine of Oghma.

    House Paertrover, rewarded for their role in Hardcastle's downfall, has seen its fortunes increased. They have moved into the Hart Fortress at Eveningstar, apparently abandoning their quest for the ruins of their estate in the swamps. Renamed Eveningstar Castle, it now houses both the Purple Dragon Garrison under Lord Crimmon Paertrover and his Household. Of the massive debt owed to House Hardcastle, little is said, though some whisper that the house is Accursed, having broken the Guest Right given to them by Lord Hardcastle, and the Oaths of Friendship made before the Gods.

    House Tammarast is one of the oldest and noblest Houses in Cormyr, with blood links to the most eminent families in the realm. Despite their pedigree, they were dependant on the goodwill of House Hardcastle, where the Tammarast Heir served until his death at the hands of the Militia. Lord Ingleiyr Tammarast, head of the House, descended upon Arabel in a rage, blisteringly mad that the ones who murdered his son have not only gone unpunished, but have granted rewards. The House has taken residence outside of the Congress. The promise of retribution has not gone unnoticed. A Blood Feud now exists in Arabel.

    House Beorthre has constructed a mighty Keep upon the peninsula south of Easthaven, astride the sea trade between Thunderholme and Arabel. A proud house of cattle and caravans, they have quickly made a mark by absorbing several former members of House Hardcastle, who were released by Lord Malcolm Harcastle before he was arrested and whisked away to Suzail. Rich and prosperous, they are on the ascension, with many new Bannermen and an expanding trade network. They have begun sponsoring a Merchant Guard to protect North Arabel.

    House Kralique, the fabulously rich and influential banking house, is represented in Arabel by the renown accountant Valiant Kralique. The Bank of Kralique has taken stewardship of much of the former properties held by House Hardcastle. In exchange for the title to the Hart Fort, which was held by House Kralique, it has been granted significant leeway, and has renovated the Hardcastle Estate. Never at the forefront of politics, it is unknown what role the Banking House will play.

    House Lhal has announced its intention to purge the Militia of those Lord Lhal has called corrupt. Having promoted former Penal Lifers to positions of power in the Militia, she has since had to step in to release Selan Kennyr'tryn and his household from an illegal exile. With the Militia solely concentrated in the Citadel, North Arabel has been left to the lax and tender mercies of the Penal Legion, half of whom have already been released onto the streets, by order of the new Warden of the North. Feeling abandoned and persecuted, the non-humans in Arabel are banding together to protect themselves. Early in her reign, the Citizens of Arabel have already grown angry and restless at her rule.

    The House of the High Strider is heir to one of the greatest of all lineages in Faerun. Beset by the Militia, their members have been hounded and chased under the guise of Martial Law. Uncaring of the alliance between Cormyr and the Elven City-States, the Alean known as Heru Selan has been subject to gross humiliations and insults by Crown Officials, creating difficult diplomacy between military allies, who require each other. Openly biased and racist charges have resulted in violent altercations, because the Heir to the Great City of Evereska refuses to bow to evil or tyranny. Rebuking attempts by the Militia to make him kneel before Clar Banda, he has instead launched a Crusade to undead the Lich Queen from Easthaven.

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