Nox's search for Interesting Battlearms

  • [Nox's searches through the Spire's library and any books the Dwarven Embassy may have for any stories that have Weapons that have been Bound to a Master Wielder.]

    "Perhaps there are legends or myths of beings that were magically or spiritually bound with a weapon, perhaps a weapon that was cursed never to leave it's master's hands, or one that would return to it's owner after being thrown."

  • Admin [DM]

    There are many stories of weapons that could be claimed under certain circumstances, and most intelligent weapons usually chose their wielders. It is certainly within the realm of possibility for a weapon forged by a magical smith to attune a weapon to a specific wielder, though many smiths consider it a waste of their talents since a weapon often outlives its wielder if it possesses enchantments.

  • Additionally, in the course of his investigations, he stumbles across numerous disjointed fragments.

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