Red Roads?

  • Whats wrong with the Red Roads?
    Why have players abandoned it wholesale?
    What can be done to make it more interesting?

  • If you ask me it is because the players wanted big contracts right away with out putting in the effort to build a reputation.

  • I did offer big contracts though, lol. Never heard back

  • A company that values secrecy isn't going to be hired by a PC who can't stop opening their mouth.

  • I'm not sure anyone took the faction seriously with all the trolling it took…

    And I never knew much about it, other than "We're mercs, hire us!" Most compelling factions are so deeply hidden that no one knows about them (i.e. Custodians and Varlets).

  • I mean, I mailed them a while back for a simple contract. I just never got a reply.

  • @kittenblack:

    I mean, I mailed them a while back for a simple contract. I just never got a reply.


  • Admin [DM]

    A number of players joined, then quit. The faction was there to provide a basis for people to involve themselves fairly easily and players were then told to provide their own goals and directions beyond "Make money and be involved." If people were bored, then that isn't my fault, it was never intended to be a plot faction, just a group people could join to get a uniform and a form of reputation and guidance to be successful.

  • Admin [DM]

    Basically, they were plot meat for people who wanted to do awesome things.

  • Still should be. I don't see a reason to remove them simply because they had a bad start.

    I find it silly people are already abandoning the idea and starting to form mercenary companies of their own when these guys are around. There is a greater opportunity to breed healthy conflict and intrique/adventure with a DM supported mercenary faction, than a PC one.

    Maybe see if there's a specific factor why so many people quit in the first place? I'd like to hear what their side of the story is, and how to "fix" the problem, if there even is one.

  • Coming from one who is still attempting to be /active/ as a Red Road PC, from what I gather, people just joined up(most likely because it was new and shiney) but then found better concepts. Perhaps it wasn't understood initially that it was a DM-lite faction and that we would have to provide our own goals and motivations. But what I'm getting from it and what I'm expecting, is to use this as an excuse for Conall to be involved in EVERYTHING. Like, literally, it's a good springboard into getting your PC involved with people. Making contracts and getting paid is an easy way to get involved and help other PC's stories get told. However… A mercenary company is very hard to maintain when people are very fickle about their concepts. It hinges on having manpower as well, though I suppose a solo merc can do /some/ work. Either way, I'm trying hard to stick with it, but I'm being overwhelmed with contracts and I'm the only PC active atm... so yeah. Sorry folks who have sent me contracts. There ain't enough Conall to go around. But I'll try to get to you eventually!

  • Hrm! Maybe I will join. I often have trouble getting involved in anything. Just those colors…

  • My main issue is that it requires a ton of forum maintenance - ie letters, contracts, and the like - which I absolutely loathe but am trying to find ways to work around. :roll:

    I believe it's the competitive nature of the faction and the general lack of direction that has steered people away. Becoming filthy rich is fun and all but it's not a very compelling goal when there are more interesting/intriguing factions/concepts. So unless you're self-motivated and able to pursue your own agenda on the side, you might not get much out of this faction.

    Anywaaaay, none of this has anything to do with why I've been absent, I've just been stuck dealing with RL stuff lately.

  • @Khamal:

    Hrm! Maybe I will join. I often have trouble getting involved in anything. Just those colors…

    Some of us might have…uh...made some minor alterations.

  • The faction had some good characters initially, and some great conflict, and there were even small Red Road factions forming to vie against each other.

    I logged in on day 2 in high spirits and excited, only to find that we had half our members.

    The next day, we had a quarter. And the day after that, I felt like I was the only Red Road. I liked my character, but I didn't have a solid goal or a plot for him, and I didn't feel like spearheading a whole faction by myself unless I was the one writing it, so I decided to go with my original Darmos concept that I'd wanted to play coming back to Arabel initially, and bailed.

    I feel like the lack of direction really killed it. The contracts that people offered us, based on the contract that the introduction was based on, were pretty garbage and it was obvious that people were trying to cheat us, so my dwarf told them exactly what he felt - to go fark themselves. It was a fun character, but it was looking like it would be a fun character, all by myself. So if a real group forms in the Red Roads, with a few people willing to band together and take contracts together, that would probably be the faction's salvation.

  • Time to make McDonalds great again.

    But seriously the faction I believe has potential. It seems one of those open ended groups to support and push the faction PC's goals and ideas.

    The faction is a means to an end while getting involved in everyone elses goodness.

  • I asked to join. Why don't I have a uniform yet?

  • B/c #khamallone.

  • Hmm. Seems I have been removed from the group, however I was still pretty active though the last few days have been spotty for me. I'm still around however, and I guess I'll start rolling with a new concept since I was thinking about it anyway.

  • people randomly being removed from a group sounds like a good way to kill a faction

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