The ruins under the city.

  • Posters placed within the citadel and nothern Arabel


    Under the city there is a vast resource that goes mostly untapped and untouched, ancient magic that may benefit the city tenfold just sits there waiting to be explored and uncovered. I wish to discover the secrets that are hidden under the city and unlock the powers for the betterment of all!

    It is an insult to Oghma that these things have been left untapped for so long, I would like to speak to any scholars that may have an interest in the ruins. Any explorers that have knowledge on the ruins themselves! anyone whom has a vested interest there.

    I however also understand that people have to eat and feed their bellies, so I shall also be offering mercanary work to those of you whom may not have a geniune interest there but desire some work regardless.

    I can be contacted at the Grinning Goat Tavern.

    Mr Tanner

  • Once more I call for those whom have expressed interest in joining my ventures into the ruins.

    I have scouted and begun my information gathering however it is now time for an expedition true into the Netherse halls. I ask any scholars, curious guards and any others whom may hold an interest in the ruins to join me.

    Come prepared, gather steel, juniper or Irownwood items to combat the Abberents we shall surely encounter within. Our Destination shall be Bherskan point, the land frozen in time.

    -Mr Tanner
    Grinning Goat

    //Tuesday 7th of February - Taken Magpie 20:00 GMT+1//

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