Northwatch, a Security Company. Sponsor: House Beorthre

  • **The unrest and disruption caused by the arrest and removal of Lord Hardcastle has caused great disturbances in Arabel. Northgate District, rebuilt by Lord Hardcastle with the aid of Lord Winter, has been abandoned by the Militia. With the Penal Legion already cut by half, the streets of Northgate has been left nearby abandoned, and it shows.

    Our intention is to safeguard and protect the loyal Citizens of Arabel who make their living and livelihoods in Arabel, pay their taxes, yet are not afforded the protection that they should receive. Following in the footsteps of Hin Lord Wileon Bertson, the Hardcastle Bannerlord, Northwatch shall recruit equally from the human and non-human races.

    Northwatch extends a hand in to the Longbeards, the Hins, the Noses, and the Tel'Quessir, who dwell in Arabel, yet do not feel safe or protected. Distrust and fear of the Militia is at an all time high, and never in the past thirteen years have the Citizens of Arabel experienced such total helplessness. Northwatch is an independent security company, Captained by a native Hin of Arabel, Corwind Weatherbee and sponsored by House Beorthre.

    Lord Davirr Beorthre understands your concerns. As a Merchant-Lord, he is well aware of the need to safeguard ones' business and livelihoods. Having experienced the perils of extortion and injustice, we understand your need for protection.

    Businesses in Northgate or the Citadel which are in need should make themselves known to Captain Weatherbee.**

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