Stand strong Her Faithful!

  • Posters are put up around Old Town mostly

    We shall stand strong against the elven crusade!
    The elves have delcared a holy war against the faith of Clar Baanda. Basing this war on made up threats when they were the ones who defiled holy ground in the name of their gods! They claim they will destroy us, they are wrong!

    Our Queen will lead us to victory!

    We will stand strong and will be victorious against the Elven menace! The same elves who came to our city and killed our people and destroyed our homes, they attempt to kill the guards that protect us! My brethren of faith and my people of this city that have felt the Elven betrayal stand with me against this crusade! Resist those that try to stop you from believing! We will not falter! We will emerge stronger in body and faith!

    Stand strong and defiant against this holy war madness!

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