Righteous Men who would Destroy the Dead!

  • These bulletins appear around the wilds

    Chil Rylinn Kennyr'tryn Aleansha

    Hear my words, paladins. Hear my words,warriors and clergy of the gods of good. Know that we, the elves do not bow to evil. We oppose it. We fight until our souls are sent to the place of our Undying Gods, such is our hatred for that which is foul and without redemption.

    Seek us! Without your swords, your iron wills, and your unremitting faith in your gods, evil is permitted to act freely. You are the vanguard, the ones who go forth and see it destroyed. I offer you a place in the coming war. I offer you the favor of my house, and my people.

    Answer our plea!

  • These find themselves alongside the posters above

    Brothers of holy Lathander - rise and face the coming battles against evil!
    Balance our realms - restore good as the true force in our world and lift the Silence!
    I - Alonso de Alvarado - shall head this elven lords call and we shall PURGE this land of evil that has tainted us - and sealed us from the heavens!

  • Notes are place along side others

    I, Grimphael, Intinerant Priest of Jergal, pledge the following:

    ~I shall not raise my scythe against His faithful who honor His word, serve His church, and do not disturb the peace of the dead~
    ~I shall not yield to the chaos of joy nor despair, victory nor defeat, for only death is absolute and in death all is ordered~
    ~I shall uphold and protect the rights of the dead, lay all disturbed to rest, and assure every being's appointed end is reached~
    ~I shall protect His faithful, and His places of worship not defiled by unholy animations, or spirits ripped from their final rest~
    ~I shall be an implacable guardian in His temples when not pursuing ventures, conquests, or judgement in His name~
    ~I shall proudly display my faith, and speak His word clear for all, eternal, and ever present, so His name, and His path are known~
    ~I am His Scythe, His Instrument of Order, and through me comes uncompromising absolution and finality~_**

    //posted with permission//

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