To the followers of the Dread Queen

  • These bulletins appear to be displayed prominently throughout the wilds, and the city outskirts.

    Chil Rylinn Kennyr'tryn Aleansha

    Know that we stand ready in the face of your threats. That we do not bow down to evil. I present you my offering: A drawn sword.

    Bring your horrors. Bring your countless dead. They will be broken. And the cycle will continue anew, as our gods will it so. Defile our holy places if you dare. Your threat was that you would attack within five days. In Tethgard we await you. Do not disappoint us by attacking the weak and the scared, when we stand blades drawn. To those foul enough to join this wretched gods ranks, know that we will separate your head from your shoulders. The cycle continues, and the war against light and dark shall rage onward.

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