The treacherous Elves!

  • Posters are put up over night all around Old town and North Arabel
    The Elves have betrayed us!
    They claimed they were here to help our city, now they have abandoned it! They bring the wrath of the Gods upon us then leave! They claim they would appease the angry Goddess instead they flee and leave us to suffer from their folly!

    The Elves are murderers!
    The Elves came to our city, and killed our people! They destroyed our homes! They had the audacity to claim they wanted peace!

    No more Elves!
    It is time we put an end to this! We will no longer accept their lies! We will not deal with them! We will not trade with them, shelter them, or feed them until they atone for their crimes! No more Elves until they appease the Gods they angered and bring us peace from the death of our families!

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