Arabel's Ballad - Creativity Challenge

  • Arabel's Ballad
    ~~~~~~~~~~ A Challenge of Creativity ~~~~~~~~~~

    You have a creative mind, and a sharp quill?
    You wish to challenge yourself against others like you?
    Sing up for the King's Theatre's newest entertainment event, the Arabel's Ballad - Creativity Challenge!

    The Challenge consists in writing two pieces of your own creation and present them on the day of the Event, at the King's Theatre. These pieces can be a song, a poem or prose, but the restriction is, it must be a short one. The winner of each challenge will, of course, receive a prize. Here are the challenges:

    **- Challenge #1 = A piece about our magnificent region of Arabel. (It can be a location, past or present, a historical event, hero or villain, etc)

    • Challenge #2 = a humorous piece about… Lieutenant Brown! (if you do not yet know him, you'll have plenty of time to!)**

    You can sign up individually or, if you are a great writer and not much of a performer, you can create a team of two. Of course, should a team win, they will win as a team and split the prize as they see fit. Join in great number for the city's entertainment!

    Applications to be sent at the King's Theatre, to the attention of Hammedatha.
    You are not required to be a professional bard, writer, singer, etc. Contest is open to all with a hint of creativity and the daring to show off their work at the Theatre to try and win a prize.

    [OOC: once we have at least a few sign up, we can see together what would be the best time to get everyone IG for it]

  • **Three contestants have signed up!

    Even will happen by the end of the tenday.**

    There is still time to sign up and join the Arabel's Ballad!

  • OOC:

    Previous time was not good for one of the participants.

    Would this be more suitable for everyone participating?

    If not, please suggest some times. On weekends I'm flexible, but on week times I cannot go any earlier than the time above.

  • Thank you all for coming and thank you to the participants and judges of the evening!

    Here are the pieces presented and the extras offered!

    Challenge #1 = A piece about our magnificent region of Arabel.

    The true story of the incident at the late Lord Galloway's estate. by Lord Abelard Paertrover
    I was invited, in secret, to admire some of the lord's art.
    These were, uniformly, nudes of the Lord Galloway himself.
    So there I was before this statue of our beloved Lord Galloway with his retainer, Cameron.
    And I told Cameron (I'm not proud of this…)
    I said, "Cameron, maybe if... If you gave the, uh... If you just gave his... a little twist, it would open a secret door."
    This was a joke, by the way.
    Well, Cameron, the brave man, he did it. Broke the thing right off.
    It was funny, though.
    [Unfortunately, there was no secret found.
    Though there was a souvenir left]


    Song of Arabel by Tom the Golden Voice
    And did those folk, in olden days, walk upon Cormyrs mountains green….
    And did the holy fate of Tyche, grant fortune on pleasant pastures seen
    And did her countenance divine, shine forth upon those clouded peaks
    And was Great Arabel, builded here, to light these dark satanic hills
    Bring me my bow of burning gold
    Bring me my arrows of desire
    Bring me my spear - o clouds with-hold, bring me my chariot of FIRE!
    We will not cease from godly fight, nor do our swords sleep in our hands
    'til we've rebuilt Great Arabel, in Cormyrs green and pleasant lands.

    I nots has home by Gorana

    I nots has home…
    in Orc tribe

    I nots has home...
    with mens

    I nots has home...
    in Arabels when gets here

    So I keeps to me self
    and hides...

    Peoples is means and nots likes orcs,
    Peoples judges me be bad
    peoples all say I kill their mums
    this's all make me sads.

    Then man in dress be nices to me
    Man in dress be kind.
    Man in dress give happy and safe place
    and at last Gorana find...

    All my lifes I not has home
    but I does, I only blind
    Friend accept and see me beauty
    and show home is really insides.


    Old Town by Robert Kross
    The citadels grand, but the factorys not,
    tis Old Town where most, of the battles were fought!
    There is not much gold, that the people have got,
    And the Tempans just let, the whole place turn to rot!

    Militia don’t wander, afraid to catch fleas
    So the people of Old Town just do as they please!
    The nobles care nothing, there’s no coins to seize,
    And the Chaos Brigade, are a sodding disease!

    The Drow they called Narfein, a terrible cad.
    In the darkest of nights if he’d murder he’s glad.
    For all of his ill deeds, when he died I was sad.
    There was little of interest, among villains so bad.

    When Galloway tried, to secure our Old Town
    Not a bit of help came, from Cormyr’s gold crown.
    At the end of his life, his trousers turned brown.
    I thought he was bold, but most thought him a clown.

    Old town I believe, is the most inter’sting place.
    But don’t travel alone without cluching your mace.
    The locals will rob you and slash up your face.
    Or elves bury your family, in your own living space!

    Slean the Pink By Bingle
    Slean the blushing baby
    His armour is Bright and pink
    make sure you make fun of him
    before you go to sleep
    Slean the blushing baby
    His armour is Bright and pink
    make sure you make fun of him
    before you go to sleep

    Challenge #2 = a humorous piece about… Lieutenant Brown!
    The Winner:

    Bob Brown Song by Tom the Golden Voice
    My Name is Bob, diddle-iddle-iddle-um
    with me justice rod, diddle-iddle-iddle-um
    I'd be alright at me job….
    If I weren't a great big nob...
    I'm Bob most brown, diddle-iddle-iddle-um
    in a milit'a gown, diddle-iddle-iddle-um
    I march up and down the line
    whilst handlin' me privates all t'time!
    I'm Bob the Clown, diddle-iddle-iddle-own
    with m'constant frown, diddle-iddle-iddle-own!
    I get me knickers in a twist
    when me wife be gettin' the gist....
    I'm Bobby Brown, diddle-iddle-iddle.... Hrh!!


    Bob Brown by Lord Abelard Paertrover
    In misty Marsember our story is laid…
    A story beloved of that town...
    Concerning the true and most thrilling exploit...
    Of a dashing young hero, Bob Brown...
    You see, Bob was the comeliest of heroes...
    With a sculpted physique that drew stares...
    He had thick, gorgeous locks that flowed down to his shoulders...
    And his pick of Marsember's most fair...
    But Agatha, friends, was not among those...
    They say she was born as a crone..
    With her sorcerous ways she ensnared our Bob Brown...
    And the seeds of his fate were thus sown...
    Now wed to this witch, this nefarious hag...
    Bob turned to a weary old man...
    But his spirit was bold, he would suffer no more...
    And soon he arrived at a plan...
    Bob bought a boat. "I'll go fishing," he said...
    And sailed straight away from that town...
    He journeyed a while, and at last he arrived...
    In our city, and painted it Brown.

    Ode to Bob by Gorana

    Meester Bob is very mean man
    means whats he say an' do,
    Says we snouts, knifes ears an' shit stain,
    he call the poo the poo.

    I sees him limps patrols the street
    insides my hearts is sad,
    I wonders what happens in he lifes
    to makes him so muches mad.

    Maybes he dreams of happy once
    Maybe he fulls of love,
    Then maybe wifes or sword or thug
    find dreams an' gives 'em a shove.

    I nots know what hurts Bobs so muches
    I wants to gives hims a hug,
    Buts every times I see him walks,
    he curse and grunt and shrug.

    Maybe we be nices more to Bobs
    He does bestest for us,
    And maybe Bobs has dream agains
    and heart lose all its rusts.


    Poem to Bob Brown By Robert Kross
    Oh hear ye the tale, of Lieutenant Bob Brown!
    Expert with latrines, they should give him a crown.
    He walks through the city, with a terrible frown,
    As the cities protector, an awful let-down.

    He tried to catch Sally, but embarrassed himself,
    Should have stayed on the farm, and just put up a shelf,
    Wants to-paint the city, with the blood of an Elf,
    But he’s best to stay home, and look after his health.

    When he went to fight Malcolm, ended up in a cloak.
    No pay for his work, he was really quite broke
    If Lard showed his member, Bob’d give it a stroke.
    He’s really quite wretched, a sniveling bloke.

    He likes to act hard, and call people scum,
    Named after a colour, that comes from your bum.
    Few think he is clever, he’s clearly quite dumb
    His manhood is tiny, and his brain’s like a plum!

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