Open Invitation to Beorhtre Wedding

  • Tower

    House Beorhtre extends an open wedding invitation[Gabriel Beorhtre and Gillian Lockwood] to its allies and friends, should you think yourself to be among such a group then please contact our estate. For upon receipt of such a letter, an invitation shall be extended. The time of the wedding is written below. ... sg=Wedding

    • House Beorhtre -

  • _To whom it may concern,

    Greetings and a warm sun above to you! The court of Selan, Chil Rilynn Kennyr'tryn Aleansha, would like to offer our best of wishes to the soon-to-be-Entwined! And it would be a great pleasure to be present for the ceremony myself - both on behalf of my honoured brother and in my quality as a historian.

    -Claeryss, what is learned won't be forgotten_

  • Lord Daviir Beorhtre, Patriach of House Beorhtre, makes it known to the People of the North and the Citizens of Arabel, of the handfasting of his beloved brother Lord Gabriel to Gillian Lockwood, former Senior Retainer of Lord Hardcastle. To the allies and friends of House Beorhtre, we bid you welcome to join us on such a joyous and momentous occasion.

    - House Beorhtre -

    Wedding Timing. Approximately 9 hours 50 minutes from post.

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