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    CLOSED - Commissions can now be requested through here: http://nodebb.cityofarabel.com/topic/15247/puffy-s-stuff

    ~~Puffy's CoA Commission Quest Completed! Thank you all!! >! Hello darlings!
    ! So, I am going a little more serious with my commissions, whilst I will still gladly do free doodles for CoA players and DMs I am hoping to gather some coin to invest into better art equipment for myself. Also the more art I commission the more experience I will gather. If you have money to spare and would like some quality drawings of your character, do not hesitate to PM me! I will mainly use Paypal me for payments, but I also offer alternative cheaper commissions through Patreon which will allow you to ask for a character drawing once a month, for a cheaper price. You can find examples of my work on my website, I also frequently update twitter and facebook with sketches and WIPs.
    ! A little about me, since I am already selling my soul here. My name is Therese, I live in Sweden with my English husband Pete, along with our cat Glitch. I first began playing on-line through NwN2 in 2007 but found the game lacking, after hearing of other people speaking of NwN I came across CoA at the end of 2010 and I have not looked back since. In an artistic sense, I am inspired by you the players and your roleplay of your characters. Besides CoA, I also like to take inspiration for my art from nature, Scandinavian folklore and good old English history. I have a British BA(Hons) degree in Textiles, but work full time as an IT consultant for HCL.
    ! When I receive a commission, I first look at the character name and the description of the character. If I have seen the character before, I also draw inspiration from my interactions with the character in game. To be able to actually just start drawing, I need to think of a story about the character which I am to draw and what they are doing/thinking in the drawing. After that, I research into their deity, their IG look and also any portrait they may have to help me get a better picture of who the character is.
    ! Available commissions:
    ! * Digital version of a hand drawn A4 sized, black and white character drawing, including 3 revisions. £10
    ! * Digital version of a hand drawn A4 sized, black and white nude non-explicit character drawing, including 3 revisions. (Won't be shared on CoA) £15
    ! * Digital version of a hand drawn A4 sized, black and white character drawing with a detailed background, including 3 revisions. £20
    ! * Digital version of a hand drawn A4 sized, black and white heraldry, including 3 revisions. £3
    ! * Additional character, familiar, colouring or 1 extra revision £3 each.
    ! * Postage of the original hand drawn image £15
    ! Rules:
    ! * No refunds
    ! * All payments will be done through paypal or patreon
    ! * I will not start with a commission until the money received on my end
    ! * I have the right to use your commission for patreon, digital media, etc. Unless you ask me not to.
    ! * If you share your commission, you will credit me for the work
    ! * If you wish to use the commission for marketing, book covers, etc, you must inform me at the order of the commission
    ! * You may not sell on your commissions for profit
    ! * Completed commissions will be sent as a PDF via mail, for other options please contact me
    ! * You may request to have the revision files of your commission, free of charge
    ! * Maximum 5 revisions per commission
    ! * For postage, please supply me with your address when you make the request for commission
    ! * Once the drawing has been posted, I will send you a digital copy of the postal receipt
    ! * Please note I am not responsible for the Postal Service after posting the commission
    ! The process:
    ! First, you send a forum PM to Puffy. Stating which type of drawing you want, and of which character. Include as much information about your character as you can, who they are as a person, how they look and any special personal touches you think are really important for them to have. I wont be able to draw them with one eye and an axe for an arm if you don't tell me they have it! Once I have received the money for the drawing, I will reply to your PM and begin drawing.
    ! The character drawing will be drawn on a quality A4 90g/m2 page, the revisions will allow you to suggest edits to the drawing as well as any changes you may desire. You are also allowed to request for the drawing to be redrawn from scratch during the revision, should you want it redone. I always start working on my drawings by hand, before I scan them in for some clean up after inking. The revisions will take place after I have spent 1 hour on the drawing, this may be done by either forum PM, on IRC or Curse.
    ! Goal achieved!!! Many thanks to every for their donations and kind help. Puffy now has a Cintiq 13" and has lowered her prices for CoA players! 🙂 Previous CoA commissioners who helped make this happen get special prices 😉 Thank you all so much for helping me, I cannot wait to draw your characters!

    Goal #1: After reaching £10, Puffy will offer heraldry commissions for £10 - DONE!
    Goal #2: After reaching £50, Puffy will offer digital character drawings after buying a new drawing tablet - Done!
    Goal #3: After reaching £100, Puffy will offer to post the original hand drawn commissions for £20 including postage. - Done!
    Goal #4: After reaching £300, Puffy will offer to draw NSFW nude commissions. (Please note, these will NOT be shared on CoA)
    Goal #5: After reaching £600, Puffy will buy a Cintiq 13" and offer 50% off on all commissions to previous supporters for 3 months after receiving the Cintiq.
    Once all goals have been reached, I will give 10% off all commissions for CoA players and 20% off for those who helped achieve the goals for the next 3 years.
    Money raised so far: £700
    Disclaimer: I will not love CoA players who donate or buy commissions more than other players. I love you all equally

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    Madeleine, requested by Originalsin. Thank you!

    She glances over her shoulder whilst her laughter rang out over the lobby, the comment may not have been needed but the look on his face made it all worth while. Now just to add to the whole scene, she was well aware they had at least a dozen on-lookers, she swayed her hips just so for her tail and robes to shift in just the right way. Once again she bubbled with laughter as the man stared at her back with his mouth gaping half open, the paladin would have to pick his chin off the floor once she left and she knew it.

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    Claeryss, requested by Arkham_Warlock. Thank you!

    Despite her struggles, despite her fears and tears. Whenever she holds her lyre and plays, her worries gently washes away. Indeed it is truly only with her lyre in her embrace, that she feels truly like herself. With the music playing by the gently stroke of her fingertips, she forgets the world for a while and just lives for that moment of peace and joy…

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    Cintiq achieved! Prices have now been lowered for CoA players and previous commissioners will get even lower prices for the next three years 🙂 I am currently working on completing the last few commissions that players ordered which helped me get my Cintiq, many thanks to everyone involved I would had never been able to get it without you! Long story short, my hubby used the CoA commission money so far before chipping in himself along with my family and friends, whom then got me the Cintiq as a surprise on my 25th birthday. ^_^ Thank you all so much xx

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    Lina Dy'nei

    To be frank, things could had gone worse. Now whilst the emotional suffering have been enormous, a lot of things have been achieved. Lina smirks to herself and looks at the others around her, her hands are healed and whilst her ears may be round she has the love of her beloved Baroness. Whilst everyone around her will search aimlessly for a purpose and goal, she knows her path with cocky certainty and she is most pleased with herself too. All she needs to do now, is to make everyone else understand what -she- sees and how -she-, is right. "Mother will be most pleased"

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