Public Letter to the Militia: The Death Knights of Banda

  • Yesterday, an alarm was raised by the Elves, regarding Undead spilling forth from the Graveyard. Many independent adventurers set forth to join the Elves, along with the new Paertrover Household. Alongside the Elves, we pushed back the Undead from the edges of Arabel and all along with Wildlands to Easthaven. There we encountered a fierce roadblock that was swiftly destroyed by myself and the Elf Lord.

    Approaching the cemetery, we discovered a Death Knight of some power. It spoke to us, speaking of how adventurers have broken into the cemetary and caused unrest, which resulted in the Undead spilling out. It spoke of death and destruction should such foolish behaviour be allowed. It wanted the living to leave, and the cemetary gap closed. With cool logic, the Elves, lead by Selan Kennyr'tryn, wanted the gap re-sealed, just as we had all agreed even before approaching Easthaven. This was the correct decision to make, and I supported this logic. However, the non-elven adventurers suddenly could not come to a decision, bickering amongst themselves until even the Undead grew tired of it, and wandered off asking for someone to represent all and make a decision.

    Despite gentle prodding from Selan Kennyr'tryn, the purported leader of the humans present, Abelard Eldroon, hesitated to make any decision, he was constantly being goaded by his harem to take action, but seemed to only stammer and dither, asking mainly for the thoughts of others rather than making an actual decision. This was despite the yelling of his Household, that he was in charge of negotiations, not the elf-lord.

    Finally, his Harem, which had promoted him to leadership, decided to act on his behalf and without his orders, and advanced to attack the Death Knight. The elves and myself, disagreeing with such foolish aggression, stood back, only to see the majority of the adventurers follow the Paertrovers. Instantly they were overwhelmed, with the group of nearly ten shredded to only three or four.

    The Elves and myself swiftly intervened, driving back over a score of powerful undead that were surrounding them from behind, even as the Paertrovers recklessly charged into the cemetery. Taking serious wounds, we managed to prevent the Paertrovers from behing overwhelmed, but the Paertrovers lost their Lord, and all the independent adventurers that followed their lead.

    It was I who entered the gap, planting explosive devices within the rubble. With the Blessings of Gond, I managed to deduce the proper placement of the Gondtech Incendiary. However, foolish adventurers attacked me while I was doing so, causing me to fumble and drop the first device, which exploded and could have brought down the whole wall. Fortunately, I was able to properly effect the emplacement of the second Holy Explosive, which dutifully closed the gap into the cemetery, and made Easthaven safe once again.

    As a reward for saving their reckless lives, and closing the cemetery gap, the Paertrovers began to insult and mock us. Calling us cowards and making false insinuations that we were trying to trap them within the cemetery. They recklessly caused severe injuries amongst those that followed them, and have likely angered the Clar Bandans enough that this will be the start of more incidents.

    I personally question the involvement of Abelard Eldroon in these matters. Such deliberate provocation of the Undead will surely cause them to retaliate against Arabel. Not a month ago, Abelard Eldroon, accompanied by another Death Knight, issued threats and demands to House Beorthre, to force them to erect a shrine to Clar Banda. This Death Knight, known as the "Dread Hunter Zanon Malkov" was known to the Militia, and it was also known to the Militia that Abelard Eldroon, and other members of House Paertrover, were in frequent contact, even regularly adventuring together. Open collusion with an Undead Monster occurred with the knowledge of Privates and Sergeants of the Militia, the same ones who would eventually attack Lord Hardcastle to assassinatearrest him.

    What exactly is the Militia doing? Already I have seen House Paertrover dismissing Militia Privates from their posts, and punishing and insulting Privates who view them with the disdain they deserve. Lowering the morale of the loyal and valiant Militia with their behaviour. Are the Paertrovers immune from prosecution? Does the Laws of Cormyr not apply to them? Why does Lord Lhal condemn Lord Hardcastle for the Warforged, yet permit the Paertrovers friendship with the Undead?

    I would like to thank the Elves for protecting Cormyr from the foolishness of others, and Lord Hardcastle for providing me the tools and knowledge to seal the cemetary and prevent the undead from spilling out once again.

    ~Gillian née Lockwood~

  • Peasant Lockwood,

    Your attempts to cause baseless disorder is abundantly clear. We all know Lord Abelard Paertrover has already served their time for dealing with Shannon the stupid goat-molester and an undead knight, through multiple fines and time in the pits.

    Your attempts to defame Lord Lady Lhal by publicly acccusing her of a conspiracy, without a shred of actual proof presented, forces our hand to take action, and correct said slanderous crime.

    Your reckless and narrowminded attitude that risked the lives of the men and women who sought to follow the rule of Law that day, has been deemed irresponsible and harmful.

    Your witness statement has been filed, and the shit you are pulling out of your arse reeks of nothing but trouble. See that you report to the nearest member of the militia to be stocked and given the proper meal of rotten eggs, as its clear you have grown hungry ever since Malcolm Hardcastle left to answer for his crimes of High Treason, and conspiracy against the Crown of Cormyr.

    -Lieutenant Bob Brown

  • I claim the right to a Trial, where the Militia can provide their evidence and I can provide mine. After all, Lord Lhal promised a new era. We wouldn't want the Militia to make a liar out of her.

    I further charge that the Paertrovers and the Militia committed Reckless Endangerment by entering the Cemetery, causing masses of Undead to spill out, and resulted in serious injuries to many adventurers present. I utterly deny the spurious and false allegations that my actions in closing the cemetery was either irresponsible or harmful, and I will be vindicated by the judgement of Tyr. I have performed no defamation, since I have stated facts, and asked questions which have merit.

    You have, by your own statements, proven my point. The Laws of Cormyr are clearly being selectively enforced on political opponents, while friends are given not just the benefit of the doubt, but release from prison.

    Your fetish for shit should be kept in private. No one wants to know.

    ~Gillian née Lockwood~

  • Peasant Lockwood,

    Your trial has been conducted by the members of the city militia under Martial law. You are to be stocked for the minor crimes of reckless endangerment and slander of nobility. The verdict is five hours in the stocks, and a lovely meal of rotten eggs.

    You are free to complain to the judges once your time in the stocks is served. Lord Lady Lhal indeed promised a new era, and by finally wiping the shitstains from the cobblestones. See your peasant ass delivered to the militia at earliest opportunity.

    -Lieutenant Bob Brown

  • The original public letters become prominent once again, placed besides the recent proclamation by the Militia of elven exile, so that people can compare the two. In Northgate, the Writ of Elven Exile and the Public Letter are delivered to the non-humans. In the Citadel, it is delivered to the many Hardcastle loyalists

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