Edict of summoning

  • Posts are seen in and around the city: at the Spire's entrance, crafting area and bulletin board; at the Eastern gate to Arabel, and near certain druidic groves close to the city.

    _> Wild Rose

    Your presence is requested by Selan, Chil Rilynn Kennyr'tryn Aleansha
    His court will be held the 10th of the Claw of Winter
    At the Fine Hells, in the Citadel of Arabel

    Everyone is welcome to attend and be witness
    The court of the Alean is forum for all

    -House Kennyr'tryn, what is learned won't be forgotten_
    ((OOC: DM event starts tomorrow afternoon

  • //Specific time using GMTs would be nice, since it's not afternoon for everyone at that time 😉

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