Don't Forget the Treachery of Elves!

  • The following poorly made posters are scattered in Old Town, the darker alleys of North Arabel, and the road leading to Eveningstar…

    Hark the Truth people of these Lands, our lands, Human Lands!

    The elves return in numbers seeking who knows what but let's not forget the result of their last mass visit…

    Yes, the treachery of their selfish acts closed the doors for our departed, doomed them to wander the Fugue endlessly.

    They made our loved ones prey for demons and devils, that's what these self-righteous maggots did!

    Don't be fooled, they come to take and take and take.

    Expel them, kick them out like the garbage they are, the filth they have shown themselves to be.

    Down with the knife-ears!

    Kill an elf and know that your actions will make your departed sigh in relief

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