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    The funerals for Senior Retainers Tammarast and Crom will take place tomorrow afternoon.

    Steward Kendrale

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    As the funeral draws near, House Hardcastle protests in no uncertain terms the unthinkable foolishness of abolishing the Penal Legion, which was instituted by Lord Kraegus Thune during a time of great need.

    The Penal Legion is stocked with some of the worst criminals in all of Cormyr, including mass murderers, cultists, and Cobble Demons, Archprelates, remnants of the Plebian Court, and the Chaos Brigade.

    Amongst the numbers currently incarcerated in the Legion under Life Sentences are Captains and Lieutenants of their organisations, the High Priest of Cyric himself, vicious Werewolves and Wereboars, Traitors to the Crown, Talossians, necromancers, and some of the most perverted and debased individuals known to mankind.

    All those who love Cormyr and who love to see Arabel still standing and unconsumed by flame. All those poor Arabellans who lost families or friends to their predations. All the Militia, Guardsmen and Agents who shed blood or died in the pursuit of these vile scum, must immediately and unreservedly voice their complete opposition to this ill-conceived notion to release them.

    We note the unfortunate timing of this announcement, coming only days in the wake of the attempted murder of Lord Hardcastle, and the successful murder of Commander Crom, who successfully protected Arabel for over 10 years as Commander of the Guard, and Lord Kynston Tammarast, of one of the oldest and most prestigious Noble Houses of Cormyr.

    While surely the open secret that the Wannabe Assasins met with and received approval from Lord Lhal herself makes this announcement by the Warden seem political rather than moral, House Hardcastle has no doubt that it is misguided notions of justice that fuels this unwise policy. Nor do we believe this to be a punishment for the Militia, who humiliated Lord Lhal a few months ago by rejecting her bid to be Militia Warden, and whose rank and file Lord Lhal has openly declared she would purge.

    However, House Hardcastle is not closed to the idea of abolishing the Penal Legion. In fact, we are willing to fully support it! In support of Lord Lhal, we call for the abolishment of the Penal Legion and the immediate execution of all Lifers. With no exceptions. The bravery of Lord Lhal in starting her reign with not ONE but TWO bloodbaths is surely worthy of praise from Tempus in his Garagossian aspect.

    ~Executor Lockwood~
    Acting for and on behalf of Lord Hardcastle

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