Cleansing the Wyvernwater

  • the following poster is found within the spire

    **The time of the demonic plague of the Wyvernwater is to come to an end. Preparations will be made to see this blight burned from the land, and returned to their own cursed realm for good.

    The Crown seeks brave souls who would aid in this venture:
    Warriors who wish to earn glory, and fame.
    Scouts who would map out the cursed isles and mark the locations of their summoning circles.
    Mages familiar with wards, and rituals of dismissal.
    Priests, loyal to civilized Gods, who would protect the lands and the people who call Cormyr their home.

    Craftsmen familiar with crafting weapons of Silver and Yew are also sought, to ensure that those who fight, have the means to do so.

    Those who would offer aid are requested to send a missive to Battlemage Malceth with the following details.**

    Skills or trade:
    Experience fighting demons and devils:
    Divine Patron:

  • *new posters are displayed prominently *

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