PvP Rules: Traps

  • Admin [DM]

    City of Arabel has rules on the do's and don'ts on using traps for PvP, questing and events.

    • Do not overlap traps ontop of each-other, this is called trapstacking and is when traps get placed next to each-other in such a way that a person stepping on them has a chance of triggering two traps simultaneously. It is okay to put traps next to each-other, so long as their radius' do not overlap on-top of each-other.

    • Traps must be a minimum of 20 meters away from a transition (About 2 or 3 traps placed side by side's distance), it's not exactly fair or fun for anyone to step on a trap shortly after entering/exiting an area before even having the time/chance to spot them.

    • Traps are to be treated the way initiating pvp would, do not set them down in areas with blue npc's unless you have a dm present to oversee.

    • Do not leave traps unattended in well traveled areas (Old town, the wildlands, starwater gorge etc), if you are going to set traps in well traveled areas, you need to linger in that area to make sure it doesn't just ruin some innocent bystandard's day with nothing to show for it in return.

    • If you have to log out, be sure to remove any traps you've set down before doing so.
      Exceptions being placing traps to defend (or attack) a private location (claimable bases, etcetera), leaving notes or puzzles (basically something interesting) near the trap to make something interesting out of it.