The Dread Queen will rise again!

  • Posters hung around Old Town and North Arabel

    The Dread Queen will rise again!

    Citizens of Arabel, even with the way to her shrine shut, The Dread Queen still has power! Her followers are still here! Faithful of Clar Banda, rise up! Show the city our strength! Our Queen will give us the power to not be silenced anymore! She will return our lost loves and forgotten beauty! She will return us to our former glory! She will show us to way to immortal life! We will rise up and She will be our salvation!
    Our voice will be heard and She will rise again!

  • fresh posters with new writing added to them are put up around the citadel and Old town

    Her power has grown again!
    The way to our Queen's Tomb is shut no longer! Her armies are free to roam again, her pilgrims free to visit and pray again! She will not be forgotten like some prisoner locked away! Let it be known that We will bring her to glory here in this city! Your beauty will fade, but you will then find peace in worshiping our Queen! Your loves may be lost but She will show you the Way! Embrace the way of our Queen, find peace and power after death!

    She has risen again and will not be put down this time!

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