Let's have a community new years resolution.

  • Let's resolve to not worry about what the other guy is doing, or try to dictate how they should play, or whether or not they are getting more then you. I get it, I truly do, but when you start complaining about this stuff it makes it so much more then it really is. And it aggravates us, which makes us not want to do anything for you going forward, which makes you even more jealous/condescending towards the next guy. And the serpent continues to eat its tail. (where is that Ouroboros guy anyways?)

    So, yeah, lets just have fun. It's just a game, and if you are really concerned that the guy next to you has a +5 sword an yours is only +4, or that a newer player is breaking your immersion because they are not meeting your perception of what good rp is, you are taking this game waaaay too seriously. And that makes you the ass clown, not them.

    Happy New Year!

  • Community Objective: Get an Ace PC to level 9 and keep him there for at least 2 weeks.

    And what CF said.

  • Currently and always creeping… Happy new years guys.

  • I resolve to possibly come back.

  • _Mine? Well…

    -Never to take anything from IC to OOC that's not friendly or positive. I'll react always IC or tell a DM if it's that bad.
    -I'll definitely keep making characters that I'll still love to play even if they die and lose their levels! More Claeryss, less Thirianna.
    -If I play a warrior-like character, I won't get attached to them._

  • Holy shit its Motoko, its been quite a long time

  • I got one piece of custom loot in the entire 2016 year that helped define the character. People complained to change it because it did damage in the only situation that it could do damage.

    I did not bother exchanging the last custom loot token after, I just stopped playing instead.

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