• [These posters are largely found spread throughout Old Town with a sizeable minority breaching the walls of North Arabel and even the Citadel around out of the way sewer grates. These posters stink of racketeering.]

    _Protection for a reasonable price!

    Those travelling through or conducting business within Old Town and the roads surrounding Arabel are advised to purchase the protection services of Old Town's shadows lest your adventuring parties or caravans of cargo be set upon by unruly thugs or beasts of the wilds, who'll certainly relieve you of more than our fee!

    Current offers include reduced fees for group purchases!

    Payment and services may be discussed in letter addressed to Mr.Schmidt, Shylock's._

  • [The below postings are systematically torn down by children. Fresh copies of the above posters take their place.]

    ! @Mortui:
    ! > One thousand gold per person per week to walk the streets of the Slums.

    Leave a note addressed to Mr. Schmidt in Shylocks.

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