• This seems to be the new IRC, while I understand CoA has a curse channel does anyone want to set up a Discord one as well?

  • Probably unnecessary, since people are still getting accustomed to the nature of these newer chat services and we have Curse. Doesn't hurt to set one up, but the medium is nearly identical to Curse in functionality.

  • I'm surprised at the name of Curse, but why anyone would ever name a communication service "discord" is beyond me.
    I'd never use it. Seriously, never.

  • By the time I've IRCed, Forumed, IGed and Cursed. I've little time nor energy left for but another means of communication. I'd take a pass on anything else.

  • Tower

    Discord is superior to everything in every way.

  • I don't even bother with Curse any more. I tend to need to have Skype open and that eats up enough of my wimpy CPU.
    Curse eats up a load now after all of its updates. Discord was a lot better for it, but I just don't see the point.

    If we abandoned the irc channel in favour of Discord then I'd swap. People don't like change though, so I'm not expecting that to happen.

  • If there was one reason to change, it might be because the younger generation are on discord. We might get people interested if we are easily available to them

  • Also Discord doesn't need a client in order to use it, as far as I know Curse does

  • Admin [DM]

    Can I use a web browser for it? It is essential for me if I want to be able to chat at work

  • Tower

    You can indeed.

  • Discord's just plain better than Curse.

  • Builders Guild

    The specs for discord and curse have been compared thousands of times, they're nearly identical (they both have the same features including webclients). The fundamental difference was that curse used up about 10% more resources, and that Discords voice server quality and stability was noticably lower in every aspect.

    I've tried them both, there's no reason not to use either. But if my craptop of all things does fine with the slightly higher quality one that uses slightly more resources then I'm fine with curse.

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