Bounties on Blood!

  • I currently seek the following types of blood for use in research for empowering people and offer the following bounties.

    Ettin 50 Gold
    Mountain Giant 200 gold
    Hill Giant 200 Gold
    Ogre Bezerker 200 gold
    Stone Giant 350 Gold
    Frost Giant 500 Gold
    Fire Giant 1000 gold

    Malar Panther 300 gold
    Pure White Stag 500 gold
    Phase Spider 100 gold
    Displacer Beast 200 gold
    Bullette 300 gold
    Greater Bullette 1000 gold

    Hellbeast: 300 gold

    Planar Beasts
    Githyanki 500 Gold
    Red Abashi 500 gold

    Medusa 300 gold
    Basislisk 300 gold
    Illithid/Mindflayer 300 gold for fully grown one
    Troll 100 gold ( More may be paid for more powerful trolls such as berserkers or chieftans and shamans)
    Shamans Varies depending on type

    If you wish potions in lieu of payment you may order potions up to the amount of the bounty collected

    More bounties to follow and I may purchase others than those listed if they are interesting specimens

    Contact Salazar the Prophet to claim

    // to obtain blood use the .npcsubdue command to subdue the creatures and equip a blood ritual dagger and use the items special power on the subdued monster

    • new posters with more bounties go up *

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