PvP Rules: Player Killing (PKing)

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    Player Killing (PKing)

    Regarding Perma Killing in PvP (or PK for short, also known as Full Damage or FD)

    Why should you PK: PvP requires a legitimate reason if it will end in a PK. The DMs are the only real arbiters of what "legitimate" means. Therefore, if you're planning to kill another character, it is always best to contact the DMs and discuss with them whether or not there has been suitable buildup in your conflict with that other player to justify ending their character, or your reason for trying to kill off their character is a justified one and not just "because I can".
    DMs reserve the right to maintain your reason for wanting to PK a character was not good enough, or if the PK had already occurred, return gear, experience, and even retcon some of the events or effects of the PvP. This is why it is best to clear your plans with the DMs ahead of time.
    It also affords benefits to have a DM present, which are discussed in the Guidelines for Keeping PvP Fun Topic here.

    Where should you PK: No PvP that will lead to PK can ever occur in front of non-hostile NPCs, even if those NPCs are friendly to you without a DM present, as NPC's must have their reactions properly represented in game by a DM, even brown named NPC's whom may not care about whether or not people are brawling would perhaps have an issue with murder. I.E. Lawful Good lynch mobs killing evil Banites in a good temple does not fly.
    More detailed information can be found on the PvP Rules: PvP near NPCs topic concerning Interacting or PvPing near NPCs.

    How should you PK: When you engage in PvP that can lead to yourself being PKed, make it realistic and don't be inconsiderate to your killer.
    Should your character be brought back to life by his allies, or respawned, please consider the fact that you DIED. This has a traumatic effect on intelligent and sentient creatures. You may actually realize, "OH SHIT, this guy can KILL me and has demonstrated the willingness to do so already" maybe I should stop insulting his mother since the last five times he gutted me. Not roleplaying fear, or acting as if nothing happened or that death had no consequence for you could almost feel like reverse griefing to the player who killed you, especially if you just keep coming after them no matter what they do to you. Especially since being killed should by all rights be giving a clear message to the victim that he is over-matched and should be showing a modicum of fear.

    Then what: You may also consider staying dead permanently should your allies not be able to recover your body and ressurect you through in character means. While only a DM can enforce a permanent death to a player, it is important to note that respawning from a PK can cheapen conflict and the story that lead up to the PK (as well as any continuation of that conflict or story as well), especially if a person comes back repeatedly. If you keep coming back after PC's killed you, then obviously PC's will feel less inclined to interact with you.
    Keep in mind however that only a DM can enforce a permanent death, if you are not satisfied with the buildup leading to your character's death or feel that your concept still has a story to tell, you have every right to bring the character back. If you do feel the death was unwarranted however, it is strongly recommended that you speak to a DM about it. More information on keeping PvP fun for everyone can be found in the "Guidelines for keeping PvP fun" link above.
    More information on Permadeath can be found in the Rules: Permadeath and DM Raises topic.

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    Griefing is any sort of pestering attack, be it verbal, in game actions, or otherwise that seeks to anger, or annoy to a degree of retaliation.

    All accusations of griefing need to come to the DM team through DM channel, IRC or PMs. If no DM is available contact us via an email at cityofarabel@gmail.com please include screenshots of actions the person in question had against you.

    Note that no where in the paragraph above does it say to, handle the griefer yourself, make public rants in IRC or on the Forums, or telling the person they are a griefer and making direct accusations towards them.

    Plain and simply put, if you feel you have been griefed, you contact the DM team. If I catch you publicly making accusations, then heed this as your warning: you will be banned from the medium you made that accusation from, due to the fact that it is an immature, ineffective, and rather stupid way to get a problem dealt with. We will handle any griefers for sake of fairness and sanity, not you.

    Note: the first thing you should do when you are griefed is not to run to the guards, but saving your logs/screenshots and writing the email.
    Guards are players who applied to play a character, they have not applied to handle griefers and are not equipped to deal with them.