Rules: Metagaming and Forum Spying

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    What is metagaming?

    Metagaming is when a character's actions are heavily influenced by information that the player is privy to but the character in question is not.
    Example: Another person's name may be floating above his head, but this doesn't mean your character knows that person's name.

    While there are many countless forms of metagaming, some are outright against server rules while others are minor and innocent (though frowned upon).
    While not all forms of metagaming are policed, some forms of metagaming are glaringly obvious and easy to catch. The players are expected to contact a dm if they believe someone is metagaming at their expense, the dm's will look into it and determine whether or not metagaming occurred and handle the situation accordingly. Please avoid accusing a player of metagaming, let the dm's handle it as sometimes the players are not privy to all the facts and misunderstandings can occur.

    Keep in mind, even if you know some lore canon to the Forgotten Realms setting (that is available in sourcebooks or on wiki's), this does not mean your character is privy to that information (for example, clergymen wouldn't know about Tempus' personal relationship with Sune, even if it's written in a sourcebook). Some lore may be common knowledge to characters while some might not be, information available in the Arabel's Library Topic can be roleplayed as common knowledge. If you're not sure if something is known to your character, or common knowledge, please feel free to post a question in the Ask a DM Thread.

    Metagaming in PvP
    Metagaming PvP, especially PvP that results in ending a character is about as serious as it gets. It is not fun to roll back events for these things but we will if we are not convinced metagaming didn't occur.
    And if we are convinced metagaming did occur and was deliberate, then bans and vault wipes could be dished out. Don't do it, and don't give others the temptation to do it.

    If you are involved in PvP, it is recommended to try and take steps to prevent metagaming from occurring.

    • Leaving party or kicking out party members whom are not involved, to prevent uninvolved party members from metagaming your location on the server and running over to interfere in an altercation they should not of have been aware of in the first place.

    • Avoiding OOC conversations discussing things that are happening in a PvP with people whom aren't already aware of those events icly.

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    Forum Spying

    The forums should not be a way to avoid affiliations with PCs while spying or performing other covert actions.

    If you are spying for faction A on faction B, you should not be:

    • Sending letters on the forums with this information without ever actually meeting the recipient in game.
    • Reading faction B's forum and copy-pasting large quantities information onto faction A's forum without giving any clue to such in game.
    • Acting perfectly relaxed about it all without any ranks in bluff.
    • Any combination of the above.

    If you are playing a spy-type character, you should be meeting up with your handler(s) in game and when members of the faction you are acting against are logged in.
    Be reasonable in copying text from faction forums too. Remember these are like files stored somewhere IC and would take time to copy. Perhaps carry around a note with a description explaining it is a copy of a report from faction B and hand it to the people you are spying for in game.

    Bottom line: Don't abuse the forums for anonymity! When spying you can certainly use them to transfer this information, but it should be reflected fairly in game.