The reformed faith of Mystra

  • The church of Mystra has grown stagnant, Allowing Mystra to be wounded in the Silence

    I have been granted a vision and instructions to reform the faith and advance magic along with a new dogma

    Seek to advance the boundaries of magic, For doing so strengthens Mystra. Be prepared to make sacrifices for the art as to achieve great things some must face the bitter sting of defeat and failure.
    These truths apply to the realm of magic. To achieve great things and to push the art forward, The efforts we take leave others behind. Work to become great and should you fall behind take solace that in your efforts you helped create innovation,creation and new possibilites in the world.
    Oppose those that seek to regulate magic out of fear and ignorance and work to enlighten and educate them so magical study can bloom

    Those that seek to make magical breakthroughs, advance the art and themselves should seek me out.

    Together we can strengthen Mystra and achieve great things

    The prophet Salazar

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