High Level Quests and Doing It Hard Core

  • Dumb feat like Power Attack? Hahaha.

  • @Damienxo:

    bla bla bla

    Actually, i am not. What you are talking about is from what i can read how to most effeciently use what ooc knowledge you have of the mechanics to serve your needs IG. Which in my ears is closing to metagaming, as in using information your character would have no idea of knowing in order to achieve the best possible ooc result.

    High lvl quests are easy. However, they can be challenging, and hence fun.

  • @Damienxo:

    What Jasede said tbh and Olouth, you're completely wrong. It is impossible to teach someone mechanics IG as everything is situational and every situation has mulitple solutions to it. Using dumb feats like PA and expertise are not mechanics, it is CoA >_>. Real nwn mechanics is the use of consumables, no I'm not talking about using a hold person wand and healing using wands in imp expertise whilst surrounding by a crowd of enemies, I'm talking about fighting a mage and realising to beat his isaac lesser missile spam you are going to need to use a shield potion/wand/spell. I'd wager half the server didn't know something like that which is the problem and what prevents people from being able to survive the high level quests.

    And you can't teach this IG why?

  • I would love to be taught stuff IG. I'm shit at mechanics and half the time I don't know what I can do to salvage some pretty notoriously shit builds I seem to make.

    I'm also a sucker for the whole master/slave dynamic.

  • @Damienxo:

    tl;dr –> less gold, more supply drops, more difficult quests at lower levels to force people to learn how to play rather than them just luring and using expertise. There is way more excitement in nwn battles when you know how to use consumables.

    I know we've beaten this to death at this point, but honestly, this. Really! Increasing quest difficulty sooner, adding more potion recipes and dropping more consumables is the way together. Fortunately, it's in the works from what I know.

    And when Damien said "dumb feats", he meant they're easy-mode. (Expertise and PA).

    You can try teaching things IG, of course. It works well with some characters: a wizard can explain when to best use his spells and he can offer insights. A warrior can talk about positioning and teach people to stand in the right spots. But in the end, it all really comes down to one thing: experience and knowing the basic mechanics.

    And to learn them, you have to be faced with them and be forced to use them! Quests are the best way to encourage this, coupled with consumables. What doesn't help, however simply not doing them. Quests should be designed in their rewards to be a vital part of the economy, forcing everyone to do his share of them once in a while: they can drop neat potion recipes, consumables, lore IG that helps with plots (think translatable ancient stone slabs, or subtle hints at things that exist in the IG world and can be persued) and so on.

  • wow, I must really suck at mechanics. I had no idea there were things like dumb feats and smart feats. Jasede, you and damien make me feel like a grandpa playing counter strike for the first time, along with 40 11 year old children who do nothing but play at internet cafes from the time they arent in school.

    Honestly, the mechanics you need to know arent that excessive. They have in the past been taught from player to player, and will if people are willing, continue to be so.

    Forte brought me to an arena server almost 6 year ago, so that I could learn what it meant to pvp.

    I have build my own small arena areas fighting coa versions of enemies, in order to learn how to survive.

    But mostly, i was taught by other players, who were willing to teach me in an in game way.

    All OOC info can be taught IG, if you have a bit of imagination, and you are willing. Even the combat window can be taught, if you know how to create a bit of a spin on it. Might just be me, but i can usually guess a persons ac, strength and so on, from the first minute or so of fighting them.

    All of this comes down to. You can, as a high lvl, teach others how to survive on coa, by combining your imagination along with your knowledge of the mechanical side.

    I know for certain, that I have a book written, or at least 60% finished, on the old Adventuring Guild Forum, that was a paper on how to effeciently combine weapons, tactics, feats and magic in various areas, against the enemies you most often encounter in such areas.

    I just never got around to finish it. And if i can do it, everyone can, cause i am not that smart.

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