The Conscious Collective

  • [Several finely crafted posters find their way onto the walls of most well-populated buildings within Arabel with the occassional sheet pinned to a wall sheltered from the rain and snow outside.]

    To feel, to know, to live.
    That is what it is to be Conscious - To be amongst the Collective.

    Scholars, Thrill-Seekers, The Bored,
    All can find themselves welcome so long as they possess the willingness to try new things, be they physical, cerebral or emotional. To feel, see, taste, hear and smell everything. To learn to erase fear from their body with a state of awareness and preparation and to allow their inhibitions to let go.
    A truly Conscious being will focus only on collecting the next experience, the next now.

    "What are you? A carpet knight? A glutton?" they might ask, but they don't understand the goals of the Collective and only those that haven't truly awoken could be mistaken for such.
    Pleasures are one thing - An enjoyable thing - but Toril contains so much more when it comes to experiences and sensation.
    Only at the cost of life or limb would the truly Conscious refuse the tantalisingly new, but some may even go beyond. After all, who could possibly desire to slip away from life quietly in their sleep?

    So, do you have what it takes? To live every moment as if it were the only moment in your existence?
    Can you shrug off the disapproving glances and the calls of "Whore!", "Lecher!", "Drunkard!" from those afraid of a little change in their bleak, sorry excuses for lives?
    Then [bli]wake up[/bli]!
    Be Conscious.

    Set quill to parchment and send word of interest to Madeleine in Shylock's.

  • [These posters are replaced with new ones by a scantily-clad, marble-skinned tiefling.]

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