On subdual etiquette

  • I wanted to bring this up in light of the Announcement post. In the last three high stake PvP fights I have been in, I have had to beat down a player multiple times after they are subdued the first time. There is a distinct problem with this lack of roleplay etiquette. What it really comes down to is this:

    When a player chooses to not full death a character immediately they are extending a courtesy. They might want to kill another players within the next scene, in a dramatic way, but they chose to not kill the losing character immediately. This requires an extension of courtesy back.

    • If a player chooses to get back up and fight again, often they are fighting the winner of the conflict when the winner may:

    • No longer have the trump card they used to win. Maybe they had a really good scroll, or a one-shot potion.

    • Be lower on consumables, or no longer have spells to use and so, lose.

    • Generally have their guard lowered, as they extended courtesy.

    -They may have only succeeded in winning a fight due to trickery, or surprise.

    At points through various characters, I have become frustrated enough over this that I have prematurely killed players, and regretted it later. I've also had it happen to me. Point being, the whole point of CoA roleplay is that it involves embracing loss and success. Don't be known as the player who can't lose. Part of losing is being willing to take the hit rather then cheesing a way out of it.

  • FD first and ask for forgiveness later, otherwise DM's need to make it extremely crystal clear, that to 'fight at full strength' after being subdued is an exploit, and will result in character deletion. The carebear policy of asking for permission from FD's is creating a really toxic server environment where people can do and say anything that they want, without any retribution from players.

  • There's a lot of retribution that can be done without FDing someone.

  • I would agree with one change to your statement:

    There is a lot of retribution that can be done without FDing if the other player is willing to roll with it, and suffer loss.

    If they don`t role play fear, or role play a character change (For example, if you get beaten up by the baddies, do not just go get a team and fight them again the same day after they let you go.) There is little you can do but force mechanical consequence upon them.

    There have been many points where I have had characters that have pushed my evil, obviously hard as nails villain to the point where he had every justification to kill them, and despite that, I look for the other option first. If one character threatens another character with violence, and they respond inappropriately to that, it is their own fault if they suffer the consequences.

  • Bumping this one again.

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