Updated Portrait Pack

  • I am not overly expert with how to go about it beyond the NWN built in portrait conversion but is anyone keen on compiling a big arse portrait pack and perhaps with the DMs blessing make it an official CoA pack?

    I know we have the custom portraits thread but I am thinking something like… everyone sends in five favourite portraits and we get a big pack of several hundred going.

  • Portrait packs are problematic, because people constantly find new artwork.

    For those who don't know how to create a portrait, place the image in your portraits folder first and take note of the name. I suggest renaming it to something memorable and adding either 5 A's or 5 Z's to place it either at the beginning of portrait selection or bottom. I believe jpegs work. Next, start NWN. Once you're anywhere in the main menu or character creation open the console with the ` key. Next, type ConvertPortrait XXXXBILLSPORTRAIT. ConvertPortrait is the command, the following word needs to be the precise name that you noted earlier. Press enter, and done. The portrait kit is created.

    The best solution, is to have a singular thread that all players submit their portraits for others to view. We have one going currently, in the "what does your character look like" thread. There's two ways to share your portrait. One is you can take your portrait, zip it and upload it, then link it. The other way, is to simply share the base jpeg (or whatever) image on the forums, and write the EXACT filename that your PC uses with THAT same portrait. Then you can go about adding each and every individual portrait.

    Something to consider, is if 10 different people all have 10 different portraits with the filename TedsCoolPic, then every single player will see a different portrait, when someone eventually uses a portrait with that same filename.

  • I'm sure there could be better solutions with all the hype about cloud computing happening.
    Perhaps there is a way to maintain a shared folder with all the portraits posted in that hard-to-handle thread.

    I, however, would prefer a smaller portrait pack with images tagged with proper gender information and an approximate number of 100-120 portraits to choose from.
    NWN needs folder structure for portraits badly though. Once you copy a couple of portraits there, it lasts forever to choose one. Or even load them.

  • Yeah that thread is good and all but how many people are actually downloading everyone else portraits? The idea I had was something along the lines of every 3 months or so a self installing pack is compiled of all the popular portraits we're using. Sure those with character ADD are not going to keep up to date but anyone with long term characters would have matching portraits with half of the server.

    Hell the DMs could even get it working as part of the Auto-downloader if it took off, then almost everyone would have them 🙂

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