Paladin Spells

  • Is it possible to make paladin spells Charisma based? Would help shrink that sick ability spread.

  • Having played couple paladins in my time, I'd like to see this as well.

  • Don't think it's possible without major overhaul, but more to the point, I don't think it would ever happen. From a game level, and from a setting lore level, it doesn't make sense to change from wisdom. They cast spells the exact same way clerics, rangers and druids do.

  • This was done in later editions, but I don't see it changing for 3.0. Pathfinder did change paladin spells to be charisma based (as well as additional smites for each level gained.). It would make sense, but I doubt it's worth the effort for this old of a system.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Paladins are already really good

  • @Hominid:

    Paladins are already really good


    I would support the op's proposal if Paladins didn't get a summon, but they do.

  • the summon changes things, I hadn't taken that into account

  • The Paladin summon isn't that great. I've been asking for it to be buffed for months or years now. If that's the deciding factor for Paladins getting a spell buff, then idk what to think anymore.

    A themeatic cleric's summon monster 2 is just as good if not stronger than a level eight Paladin's summon, and Cleric's get that spell at level 3…

    If we're going to start looking at changing paladins, I'd like to see us start by returning their normal set of abilities to their original standard first before thinking about other things.

  • While I do not currently play a Paladin on CoA.. I see one ICly a few times and I do not see anything that screams they need any sort of buff.

    Personally I am of the thought that Paladins are not only NOT Primary casters[full levels of spells], they are not even secondary casters[cap at 6th lvl spells], they are tertiary casters[cap at 4th lvl spells]. Due to that why should they get spell buffs? They already fight better than a cleric, and cast more spells than a fighter.

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