Dont target your personal frustrations on the DM Team, plz?

  • I swore to myself that I would not do this, so rather than make a huge rant, ill keep it short and simple. I know CoA is experiencing a down time. That can be frustrating. I know you have high ambitions for the server. I know some feel slighted. But I can tell you from someone who loves this server, and keeps tabs on it through the forum; If you guys want more play mates, continuing your damn personal rants and frustration tossing around as you have, is going to scare away far more players than the usual summer down time could EVER do. Being ranty bitches at the dms who try to keep their best to keep the server going, will see said dms leave. Why? Because that is how we lost at least 2 dozen good dms over the years.

    So, since even Dond has grown up, I propose the following: If you have a complaint to the dms, log into irc, send them a PM, and ask if they have time to talk. Or, PM them on the forum. Keep the many discussions, suggest threads etc. on topic. CF asked about server settings, people answered with "Why did a certain NPC one hit kick my ass?". We discuss how to improve server numbers, and people talk of Personal houses. Are these valid complaints? Perhaps. But ask yourselves, are they on topic, and are they things we need to discuss in public?

    You guys bum me out, and I havent even gotten the chance to play yet. Dont run off the best and most dedicated DM Team we have had in years! Because that is the best damn way to kill off the server for good. I know the dm team can fend for themselves, but Jesus… Enough already.

    ((In case you are curious, no, we should not in this thread discuss housing, NPC powers, why someone has not been promoted with a particular pc, or why there are not enough starting gold for devoted Tycheans)).

  • @O'louth:

    So, since even Dond has grown up…

    Holy Crap. I just spit coke out of my nose and it's burning…

    I agree with everything else you said, I just can't believe it's been that long. Your rant hasn't convinced me anything has changed since the 55/55 days. Servers are servers.

  • Thanks for the shout out buddy 😃

  • I want to make it crystal clear that anything I say in Curse or write on the forums or in IRC is meant with the utmost respect and deference. The DM team we have now are good DMs, every single one of them, even though there are people who are wont to complain about them periodically. Every DM is different, every DM style is a different animal, and most players realize that. Usually the ribbing is in jest, but as I read what Olouth wrote in the opening post, I had to sit back and kind of give some thought to that particular ribbing based on some rumors that have been floating around IRC and some other places. Some of it isn't in jest, and some people don't mean it in a kind way, I feel.

    So in case there has been any misinterpretation, I want to just say to the DMs that I really appreciate what they do, how hard they work, and also that they are doing an excellent and quite stand-up job, already. The suggestions for improvement are just that - they should not, and are not meant to blame DMs for the downtime, or accuse them of not living up to the hype.

    This is a great server primarily because of the DMs and the way that we approach storytelling, placing it at the forefront of our considerations, and no matter what sort of shit might get slung here, at the end of the day we're all players and I don't think anyone means any harm by any of it.

    Thank you, Dms.

  • I can personally say I take no offence pretty much ever.

    Unless it's a direct attack or something, but we just ban those guys.

    Generally DM's have a pretty thick skin, it's kind of one of the criteria we take into account when stealing people from the player base and putting them into the firey hell kitchen, er, I mean… DMing them.

    Highest chance of getting change to happen, is constructive criticism plus solutions as well as explainations of percieved problems, minus (passive or none passive) agressive statements.

  • Or just don't voice your opinion… Having an opinion is a slippery slope towards getting banned! lol XD


  • @Lucky:

    Or just don't voice your opinion… Having an opinion is a slippery slope towards getting banned! lol XD


    Good one.

    Just in case anyone thought it wasn't a joke though. Nah, opinions are fine, for instance:


    The crafting system takes too long to progress in, I'm level 12 already and have been crafting since level 1, and I can only make bronze short swords, feels like you should gain skill more quickly, and finding recipes seems too heavily based on RNG and not anything related to crafting or roleplaying a crafter. Might be good if recipes were found either more often, or you could buy any recipe you wanted. Skills being gained twice as fast wouldn't hurt anything either balance wise, and would likely make it feel more rewarding.

    Compared to:


    What the hell is this oppressive crap they call crafting? What was that idiot Zool thinking setting it up like this? Does he just want us to spend hours grinding over and over again doing boring crap, and dying to dumb elementals that are stupidly overpowered? Is this some kind of tactic to make us stay on the server longer? You know ,you can just do this thing like MAKING THINGS ACTUALLY FUN instead? This is just terrible thoughtless design, screw this.

    Ones fine, the other's not really.

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