"CoA Sims" - It's actually not a swear word, guys.

  • "CoA Sims"

    The buzzword that no-one dares utter.

    We just wanted to make clear that you can play on this server however you want to.

    If you want to have a feast in the woods, and drink ale all night around a campfire, that's 100% fine. The DM team won't be annoyed with you, it's how you want to spend your time, and the server is open to anyone to join and play in.

    That said, if you are playing like this, then you need to have the right expectations going in.

    You shouldn't expect to get a DM turn up and create a fire works display for you.
    You shouldn't expect to have a DM turn up and bring along a special creature of the woods to give you special healing apples.

    You shouldn't expect to have a DM turn up.

    You shouldn't expect DM support for this kind of concept at all.

    That's all there is to it. It is totally fine to play in whatever way you want so long as you don't break the server rules.

    But you can't go in expecting to get special attention from the DM team with every play style that exists. The DM team just prefers to run events based around certain things here, and we play to enjoy ourselves too.

    Feel free to discuss this in this thread.

  • We were told a very long time ago that certain Apps would be met with a blanket "No". For example, wanting to be a Barmaid for the Fine Hells.

  • Yes, and that's true.

    You can play how you want, but don't expect a DM to get involved.

    DM's are involved in apps.

  • We just wanted to make clear that you can play on this server however you want to.

    So this is a Truthiness or Trumpism then?

    That's like saying "I'm gonna give you 4 dollars for free. Except its actually 2 dollars, and I may or may not give you one more dollar, but you definitely won't get the 4th dollar."

  • I'm not trying to use logical falacies or anything. I'll try and edit the post to be more clear.

    What we are saying is.

    You can play how you like, but you can't expect DM support for it.

  • You can brew ale with alchemy and serve people in the spire and charge for it, go ahead and be a barmaid if you want.

    Pretty sure the crux of it is "Just because you want it doesn't mean you're entitled to get it" you can go ahead and do anything you want/can achieve on your own power and with the help of other pc's but that doesn't mean that the other pc's (or dm's) are obligated to help.

    Do what you can with what you've got, if other people think it'd be a fun idea to help you out, be it a pc or dm…they will... If they don't, no amount of huffing and puffing will make a person like an idea they don't want to get involved with, be they pc's or otherwise.

    And this applies to more than just CoA Sims by the way, if you have a limited time to do stuff in game and wanted to spend that time doing stuff that interests you, then along comes someone else saying "don't do the stuff that interests you, do the stuff that interests me" it doesn't matter if the person is a dm or a pc unless they're getting payed to do it they have every right to say "no" and even if they were getting payed they'd still get to quit.

    Tl;dr: Respect that everyone has their own idea of what's fun and if it doesn't coincide with yours, they don't have to cater to you. And that applies to both players and dm's alike

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