Denounce the Skeletal Scribe. Embrace War!

  • These poster begin circulating around the Citadel, Northern Arabel, parts of Old Town, and throughout the Purple Dragon camp.

    Tempus, the Lord of Battles looms higher. With the clash of steel, his power grows. In this time of war, your prayers are needed to ensure Arabel, and Cormyr is victorious in the conflict that is to come!

    But war is not always just of men, and nations. War is a conflict of ideals, and faith. Much like the purging of the Temple of Night, the Lord of War calls upon you, the faithful, to defeat that which is his foe.

    Jergal opposes Tempus. He, who knows nothing of WAR or CONQUEST would claim the rights of the dead. Like any war, a man must choose a side, or be caught within the maelstrom. For war is the bones of the earth as it crashes against the mountains of of the land. It is the leveling of all men, the means by which they are measured, and found wanting.

    Be sure to choose wisely.

    Denouce Jergal. Praise Tempus for their can only be one victor, and he cares only for WAR.

    More space exists on each of these banners. Names have been added underneath. There is quite clearly room for more…

    I, Eder, War-Priest of the Foe-hammer, denounce Jergal. Praise Bloody Tempus

  • [A neatly written note is posted to the bulletin]

    Let it be known that I, Janick Kasekyle of Chessanta, am the first to endorse and support our Battle Father and his faith. As it should be said I say as all of Chessans would in Cormyr, as all Chessans would support his church in their fight against the Scribe of the Damned.

  • [On the last post]

    Funny that a Proclaimed Pacifist supports the Lord of Wars.

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