A Call To Arms Answered, Or, "Why Should I Return?"

  • Some of you might remember me! I used to play actively back in the ""good old days"", although I was myself neither a good roleplayer nor very old so I hope those of you that remember me don't remember very much. Then Change Happened, and happened in perpetuity, and I felt that something was lost*. I tried to get into it again quite a few times afterward, under alt-accounts mostly, but the magic spark never returned.

    Recently though, I've been getting that hankering for a meaningful roleplay experience, the sort of itch that only Arabel was ever able to scratch. So with those "player numbers" and "player recruitment" threads in mind, I pose a genuine question: Should I return? What's changed since the days of yore? What's stayed the same? Is "Adventure & Intrigue" still the watchword by which all things live and die, or have people finally chilled out a bit?

    On the flip side, if there's a reason I shouldn't return, please let me know- perhaps via PM. If DMs have been muttering things like "Damn that SyrusRayne, I wish they didn't quit so I could kill them myself! Argh!" I'd like to know.

    *(Possibly all my friends quitting the server or getting recruited DM-side played a part. Never quite understood why the real movers and shakers player-side wound up behind the DM screen, given that that means there were less players, y'know, moving and shaking. Does that still happen?)

  • Yes, you should play. There are many new faces, the DM team has almost been entirely recast, with a few familiar faces and old heads in both camps. Arabel is back under a Cormyrian flag, there's a few overarching meta plots to get involved in, the opportunity to play a key role has never been greater, or, if you're happy just playing a character immersed in a living, breathing game world, questing or interacting with passer-bys, then this latest chapter of Arabel has a fully realised platform for you to get involved in.

  • It's a good time to return. Plenty of plots to get involved in, Opportunity to join player run Noble Houses, A more relaxed atmosphere so you can just chill and RP if you want

  • Is there an up-to-date portrait pack available? Anyone feeling generous enough to .zip their folder? πŸ˜›

  • @SyrusRayne:

    Is there an up-to-date portrait pack available? Anyone feeling generous enough to .zip their folder? πŸ˜›


    This is the pack I made of the v3 portraits.

  • ... trait-pack

    Or there is this one, almost 1600 portraits in a 20mb install file. The portraits seem to used in alot of packs so will show up for alot of people.

  • The only reason I can give is,I am still here

    Shoot me a tell if you have time and see me, I can drop what I am doing and relish the chance to RP with you again

    Normally I am doing not much now anyways since so many people seem to have important stuff that.needs to be dealt with in private

  • Lavishfeast said on another threat: "With that said, I can’t believe I’m the only ex-player lurking on the forums and game looking for a reason to log in. Tapping into a way to incentivise those players to make the leap and play is the key to revitalising the player base I think. And more players breed more players."

    You are not the only previous player lurking. I'm fishing around for something to do now that I am back in academia for a year. I'm still absorbing the climate, rules, changes,etc. I still haven't played Skyrim or Dragon Age 3, or Witcher 2 or 3.

    Good to see some of you all still breathing. I'm old now and that's important.

    Wow, look at that, I just saw my post and I passed the decade mark a few days ago. huzzah.

  • Get your ass back in here, Mayhem.

  • I second that. It is always nice too see new players but even more so tun into old faces/names πŸ™‚

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