The Song of Swords

  • Posters begin appearing in the army camp, and throughout Arabel.

    Every tenday, we praise the Lord of All Martial Conflict. War comes to Arabel, and our brave soldiers ready themselves for battle.

    War does not distinguish between causes. Cormyr is Righteous. Cormyr is a nation of good men and women. The Lord of Battles cares not for this. He cares only for war and the valor demonstrated by those who would fight. Come, tomorrow and demonstrate your worth in the sacred ritual of Tempus, the Song of Swords.

    A warrior's armor, their blade, all has a story inherent to it. The Song of Swords is the chronicling of that story. May he witness your Song, brave warriors of Arabel.

    The Ritual shall be held at the shrine of Tempus, within the Purple Dragon camp.

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