Paladin Sought! Spirits to be freed!

  • _In praise of the Lady of the Golden Heart, the Tawny Temptress, the Mother of Cats;


    _A PALADIN of any goodly diety is sought to participate in a ritual to CLEANSE the restless spirits still remaining in the small graveyard between EASTWAY and HULLACK!

    A small REVEL will be made and held, to FREE the spirits trapped there from their endless, insensate rising, and send them to their rest!

    The loss and pain shall be replaced with the revelry and pleasure of an Eastway freed from taint and protected from the malice of the perpetual, bitter mourner Clar Banda and the hopeless, loss-driven Shar!

    All who wish to participate in ending the pain of these suffering souls, and replacing it with the pleasure of an afterlife, however uncertain, write to Marlin Leclair, Priestess of Sharess, at the Purple Dragon camp!

    Help us make a better Cormyr, a better Arabel, for all to enjoy!__

  • In praise of our Lady of the Golden Heart, The Tawny Temptress, the Mother of Cats;


    I, Marlin, Priestess, make known and thank the paladin, Blade Caelan Balfoy, devout of Siapmorphe, and his companion Augustus, the Celestial, for pledging their assistance to the end of Shar and Clar Banda's vile hold on the spirits of the former villagers of Eastway!

    To Glebin of Clan Ogrehammer,
    Jachary Hexton, whose mother Worshipped,
    Blade Iain Salmon, whose bolts fly true,
    Thirianna Faol'anaari, whose love of nature is boundless,

    I and my Goddess extend thanks.

    Bring your best spirits, and your most sincere; for though gold can buy alcohol, only a true heart might find pleasure in the salvation of so many unfortunate souls.

    The date for our adventure to be announced, I invited others uncommitted to pledge their hearts and their blades, to come with us and to witness the sensations which must be accomplished and to be revitalized along with the spirits of our lost cousins in Eastway.

    Life is a great feast prepared for us by the Goddess. Take your place at the table!

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