Sirollus Auria, The Mist Wraith.

  • The legend himself.

    Sirollus was forty-eight years old at the time of his death.
    When he was twelve, he had his life saved by a Leiran.
    When he was fifteen, he had his life saved by a Leiran.
    When he was twenty-two, he once again, had his life saved by a Leiran.
    As a result he had given almost exclusive praise to the Goddess of deceit herself up until a few years ago, when he was informed by an old Leiran friend of his that the goddess had been reborn into Morvys, and believing his old friend, began to worship the Lady of the Mists.

    When Sirollus heard of the destruction of the Temple of Truths by the Brethren, he headed to the city to learn more about it. He had no such luck and instead had to take matters into his own hands, he became Sergeant Mangrus Steelhand's right-hand deputy, however brief.
    Sirollus struggled under authority, and after having slaughtered every remaining Brethren he could get his hands on at the after-math of the Vorenthia Isles' event, left the Militia due to issues with his superior officer.

    When the draft came around, he initially resisted it, as he loathed being told what to do, every attempt to command him to join was met with fierce resistance and threats.
    Until, Aliri Danmukmul decided to talk to him, and found out how easy it was to coax the man out of his shell, as he was never good with women, and had never had a long-lasting relationship. He was almost instantly smitten with her and it wasn't until weeks later, after he defied an order and was beaten publicly for it, he told Aliri that he loved her.

    Things were rather calm and pleasant up until the Militia held a feast to make amends with the people of Old Town and revealed their trap, Sirollus responded incredibly violently as a result, not wanting to see people forced to fight for their lives in the machine of war that he had spent nigh on thirty years in as a mercenary. He killed over a dozen guards, penal legionnaires and attempted to kill anyone whom fought him. He and Alister Margrave, along with Raen Sarys were forced into Old Town during the fighting, to escape the ever-increasing number of Militiamen.
    He was recruited by Benna the White King, but this would prove to be short-lived, as he contracted a worm that would kill him if he hadn't done Talona's clergy a favour. He did not want to, and made a secret deal with Aliri, if she would ensure the girl whom Sirollus thought of as a daughter- Raen- he would turn himself in to her personally for his punishment. He was executed.
    That's his life in a nutshell.

    His final words.

    And finally, his loot:

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