Tilverton Map

  • Retainer Hammedatha asks the librarians if they have an old map of Tilverton before its destruction. Having poured over everything he could find in the library, he was unable to find a map at all. Should there be none, he asks if they might know where one could be found. Should they ask why he needs a map of the town, he explain it is to find the ruins if the temple of Gond that used to be there and hopes with a map it will give him the general location of the temple.

    Once their business is concluded, he oddly apologizes for some books that fell off a shelf nearby (for no apparent reason) and wishes them a good day.

  • Admin [DM]

    The Librarian explains that the Gond Temple was well known for its dozen of lava fuelled forges, located deep underground with a narrow tunnel leading to the North West of Tilverton. However, since the fall of Tilverton, no words have been heard of the temple nor its forges, assumed destroyed along with Tilverton.

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